#HuntAndWin: Mission Copter by Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew recently introduced a new Sports Activity known as Copter Hunting in Pakistan. Revolving around the same idea, a fun activation took place in two major cities; Karachi & Lahore. On 21st April, a creative revealed that something exciting is about to happen and this made the audience pretty curious!


On 23rd April, Dew PK created an event page and revealed the activity. It was all about #CopterHunting. Spot the Copter at the mentioned locations, take a click, share it at their official Facebook page. The winners would get iPhone 6 & iPod shuffles.

If you remember the TVC of Copter Hunting, it is basically done in a more adventurous manner. DEWDs on bikes chase the Copter. Since that is not so safe for general public and can only be performed by trained professionals, I like how DEW focused on a more safer activity as not just youngsters but any member of the family could play this game. A lot of people were in fact engaged with the brand online throughout the day. #HuntAndWin surely created some buzz, not just on Social Media but on the grounds as well.

The brand didn’t leave anyone disappointed. So even if you spot the DEW set up and not the Copter, you could check-in and get your free chilled DEW (along with free t-shirts for first 50 check-ins). Overall, the activity seemed very engaging and fun. I like how DEW comes up with something different every time and grabs the attention!


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