Stylo launches Spring Summer Collection 2016


Stylo has introduced its much awaited Spring Summer Collection 2016. With a new range of stylish and trendy designs in sandals, slippers, high heels or flat shoes, Stylo is surely setting itself apart as Pakistan’s top female footwear brand.

Stylo has become a one stop shop as it has a lot of items under one roof like Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry and other Accessories. It is one of the biggest fashion retail brand with a total number of 92 outlets spread around the country. And in case you don’ have retail outlet near you, you can always check out their E-Store which is as easy and accessible as reading my blog! 🙂

They are also offering huge discounts on their bridal footwear range. So don’t forget to check that out for any formal heels you’d like to grab! ❤

You must be wondering, it’s a one stop shop for everything but clothes, right? Look no further, as Stylo is experimenting its ways in Pret Wear too and recently launched a new line called Fabrizio. Seeing as this is like a trial version, they have introduced limited lawn designs which are quite trendy and affordable.



Check Stylo’s Facebook & Twitter page to find out more.


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