#TasteTheGlory with Lays Pakistan

Lays Pakistan has been building up the excitement of #UEFAChampionsLeague by giving away tickets to Finale (a trip to Milan) to few lucky winners every mid week. Apart from the grand prize, there’s a lot to win: UEFA merchandise, LED TV & Playstation 4!

To win above mentioned prizes, here’s what you are supposed to do:

1. Grab a pack of Lays UEFA Special Pack
2. Find the coupon inside the pack
3. Text the code to 9005
4. Wait for the lucky draw and winners to be announced 🙂

The special pack will have #TasteTheGlory imprinted along with Messi. Here’s how it looks:

Spot the creative Lays OOH & win!

Lays Pakistan has been doing some amazing Marketing with it’s Out of Home media. Be it the love of game by bringing together #AkramAndMessi or by painting the town #CleanAndGreen, Lays has always come up with something unique which not only catches our attention but with the right placements, get a lot of eyeballs too hence the idea is exposed to many people. That’s called Media Planning done right! (Reminds me of all those Marketing Electives haha)

So, coming back to the OOH discussion, Lays Pakistan has yet again lighten up the K-town by it’s brilliant placement of OOH. From a distance, this installation looks like a Football Stadium with Messi welcoming you in all his glory.. but you don’t have to get disappointed once you’re closer to the roundabout where it is so artistically placed. You know why? Because in case you are still not successful in finding the codes in your pack, Lays Pakistan is giving you another chance. To go to Milan, To see Messi in person. 😀

So if you are a resident of Karachi, here’s what you gotta do:

1. Go to the famous Clifton roundabout beside Dolmen Mall
2. Find the beautiful huge Lays Installation which looks like a football stadium (on the UEFA theme)
3. Take a click of this Installation
4. Share online by using #TasteTheGlory #LaysLightUpKhi hashtags to win tickets to Milan 😀


Whether you are a die hard football fan, or a seasonal fan because of Messi (Let’s admit that ;)), or you just love Lays too much (and of course, the freebies), then don’t hold back. Try your luck, be #GameReady & you might just #TasteTheGlory! 🙂


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