Make your Favorite Flavor stay because it’s DEWmocracy!

DEW Pakistan recently introduced 3 limited edition flavors out of which only one will stay. The “#DEWmocracy” (term coined from DEW and Democracy) campaign revolves around the idea of voting, choosing your favorite flavor & making it win through highest number of votes. It generated quite some hype on social media and otherwise. All the communications have been revolving around the same campaign on all the marketing channels (TVC, OOH, Radio etc). People have been pretty much curious and by now, everybody has chosen the sides.

It was amazing to see how the social media was taken by storm when the flavors were newly launched. Digital launch was followed by an on-ground official launch which took place in Lahore; a Musical event which had DJs from all around the world participated and mesmerized the audience. So guys, I have already voted for my favorite flavor, which is Blue Shock. If you haven’t yet, it is pretty easy to #VoteForYourFlavor. Here’s how:

a) Vote through Whatsapp

b) Vote through Facebook

c) Vote through Twitter

d) Vote through SMS

As the campaign is coming to an end, don’t forget to vote for your favorite flavor and make it WIN! I tried all three flavors, and BLUE SHOCK is the one which stood out the most for me. Not because I loved the colored bottled, but I also loved the unique flavor!

Tweet away, Drop a comment on their Facebook page, Text on their Whatsapp number or just send an SMS to the given code. Make your vote count and let DEWmocracy prevail! Whichever flavor gets the most votes will stay along with the Original DEW green flavor.  😀

Here’s a detailed video on HOW TO VOTE:



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Happy Reading! 🙂

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