#GottaLoveEXTRA – Be it Food or Love!

Extra serving of Fries? Extra serving of Cheese? Free double patty or even free meal upgrade? YESSS YESSS and YESSSSSS! We are a nation of foodies, all right. And we religiously believe “NEVER SAY NO TO EXTRA”.

How could I not notice when Kurkure Pakistan decided to give us some EXTRA MOMENTS OF MUNCHING too! Oh yes. I got to know that both the KURKURE packs (Rs.5 and Rs. 15) have now 22% and 10% extra snacks. So now, we have a prolonged company of our favorite snacks during the match season (#WCT20), or while streaming our favorite Fashion shows (#PSFW16). No matter which way you swing, I am sure the news of EXTRA bites would have made you happier! πŸ˜€

Btw, I choose the RED side and i love the masala flavor more than the Green ones. The conversation sort of started on Twitter and a lot of people shared their favorites. :’)



The conversations kept flowing and eventually it became one of the top trends on Twitter in Pakistan. I love how engaging such campaigns are that consumers get to express their feelings towards the brand too.

Hence proved, we LOVE food and we TALK food. :’)

Okay folks, till next time.. Happy Munching.


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