Who says Karachiites aren’t Big Enough Foodies?

#KarachiEat took place at Frere Hall last month and we all are missing it already. This Food Festival took place for the 3rd time in Karachi, which was better and bigger than the previous two Karachi Eat.

The Festival revolves around the idea of bringing all the foodies together at one platform where they could try delicious mouth watering delicacies from not only high end restaurant or eataries or big brands, but from the well known chefs at home too. The list of participants is never ending so I won’t even get started. However, I could tell you what I explored in this 3 day food expedition.

7up was one of the main sponsors of this much talked about 3 days event. A lot of activities at the 7up booth took place which kept engaging the people who dropped by and showed love for the brand. I loved the overall food experience with 7up and especially loved the wonderful on-ground team for being so supportive. It was one hell of a food journey with y’all! 🙂

A lot of new eateries proved themselves and stood out from the crowd with their star dishes. Such as, Chocolaty gol gappas and Paani puri chaat with fusion was an attractive starters for many. Moving on to the Mac & Cheese sandwiches and Open faced bite sized Danish sandwiches with different of variants were more dishes which scored, to name a few. In the main dishes, to soothe the desi taste buds Chargha, Tikka Boti, Haleem & Nihari were available. And how can I forget, Karachi’s most talked about food, our very own Biryani was also part of the show, delighting the taste buds of many and making us all proud. Well known brands had their eateries and offered really delicious foods at discounted prices which was highlight of the festival.

For the not-so-desi taste buds, different burger joints served the purpose. Beware. These were not your typical grab-a-burger-from-any-random-place, these were Charcoaled Grilled heavenly patties served by another eatery BTB which clearly won many hearts.

Be it BBQ or Burgers, Pizza or Chinese, 7up was a perfect partner to go with it all. There’s no Tikka or Biryani in this world which would a score a perfect 10/10 without 7up. 😀

Moving on to the desserts, you know what I am going to talk about. The Famous Churros were yet again highlight of the entire festival which could be seen from the never ending queue in front of the stall. Apart from these, a lot of bakeries (home based and otherwise) were also present to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even the famous Karachi walay pan were there!


It is like, the event had anything to everything when it comes to food. Juice bars, Slushes, Shawarma, Coffee/Tea or even Green Tea (to digest that enormous amount of food haha), Icecream, Chinese, Continental and the list goes on.

I had so much fun at KarachiEat and the 7up team was equally amazing and kept us all entertained! Here’s a group selfie with these awesome people:


Selfie w/ Team 7up (Hamza and his boys)

Overall, the experience was fantastic. Taking inspiration from Karachi Eat, Lahore Eat just took place for the first time and I have heard some amazing reviews about that as well. Thank you 7up and CKO Events for bringing us such amazing food festival. Could you guys please do a quarter or bi-annual events or something? Just once in a year is really not enough for the foodies like us! 😀

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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