Tapal Danedar 3in1 Instant Tea – For those who can’t get enough of TEA

Tapal Danedar recently launched instant tea known as Tapal 3in1 (Tea + Powdered Milk + Sugar) in Elaichi flavor. I have always been a fan of Tapal for the very reason how they have been catering the needs of it’s target market. Apart from a Marketeer’s point of view, the loyal brand consumer inside me says the same.

I remember how at work when needing “Chai” at odd hours, we would have to get up and make ourselves a cup. But the hassle of getting the right amount of powdered milk and sugar and even finding them unlocked would have been a miracle in itself. (I remember how our Tea Boy at work place used to keep everything locked up during odd hours haha). With Tapal 3in1, I can finally see a solution.

The instant tea sachet are easy to carry around  and a perfect way of having tea on the go. People who are into tea would know the cravings are endless and pops up at odd hours. I think it will be pretty convenient to use at home as well. Especially during the odd hours when everybody else is sleeping and I have to be up and get my work done. And the tea cravings hit badly. Thank God for Tapal 3in1, I would not have to necessarily do all the hassle. Just a hot cup of water and voila! 🙂 Whatelse would a tea lover want?

Since I have personally tried this instant tea solution, I think the flavor is somewhat similar to our regular tea which we boil for hours. I would not just stick to using it all the time, but for the sake of convenience while I am too busy working or traveling, it is surely a quick tea solution!

So What’s your feedback about this Tapal Instant tea? How do you like to sip it? Do share your feedback while I go and make a quick cup of tea for myself! 😉



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