InKompass offers the #BestInternshipEver


inkompass-bannerInKompass is a an internship program which consists of 2 cycles. So the same recruited interns would get a chance to intern at the same place twice. This program is specially tailored for those students who are in their 2nd year of undergraduate studies.

What to expect from this program? Lots of learning, challenges, fun and you even have a chance to fly internationally. Apart from the rigorous training and discovering yourself, you not only take the experience of a lifetime but the internship pays well too.

What makes it different than rest of the program? I remember when I was in grad school, students would usually get a chance of internship in their 3rd year of graduation. This program sets you apart from rest of your fellow batchmates. You not only get exposure of a professional life when everybody else is still learning theories at school while you get to practice them first hand. Apart from that, in your 3rd year you’re eligible for another internship (or for the 2nd cycle as they call it).

How does that benefit you as a student? Once you have done your internships, you are still at an advantage. Not to forget there’s always a chance of getting a job offer if you have proven yourself at your internship cycles.

Here are some important dates to remember:

Deadline for the application: 7th March

Invitation for Online Tests: 7th March to 14th March (If you are shortlisted, you will receive emails for Assessment Day.)

Internship kicks off: 11th July to 26th August

So don’t miss the chance, and apply away for the #BestInternshipEverAnd go here for more details regarding the program. If you are interested to apply but you don’t qualify for an internship, then don’t forget to check their Graduate Trainee program. 🙂

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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