Something about this five letter word.

There is so much going on around me..

People.. who are sad but they pretend to be happy.

People.. who are dying of loneliness yet they pretend to love the crowd.

People.. who want to love yet they are afraid of showing it.

People.. who are struggling yet they pretend to be all sane.

People.. who need help yet they pretend to be all strong.

Have you ever wondered why are we so ashamed of letting our emotions out?

Why do we build these walls around us?

Why don’t we let somebody in?

Somebody who might help you.. soothe you.. care for you..or just be there for you.

Ever wondered why? All because of a five letter word, TRUST.

Your trust have been shattered by the darkness of this world, by the darkness of some black hearts. For it has been broken many times, misunderstood and unappreciated for what seems like a century. I know it is taking a lot of courage and strength than you imagined. Don’t you lose your hope. No, not now. Not when you are so close to finding somebody who is worth it all, who will cherish you for what you are. And when you find that somebody, you will learn to trust again. You will learn what joy feels like. You will learn how it is to accept and be accepted with all your flaws, with all your perfections, with all your hopeless wishes, with all your tantrums, and with everything what makes you, YOU.

Just keep holding on.. and embrace the moment.


Credits: Google

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