Dayfresh introduces a new SKU in Tetra Pack

Dayfresh stepped into the Dairy category not so long ago, but since the company’s inception in 2009 the brand has been on a progressive path. There are a lot of competitors in the market but Dayfresh is differentiated by the freshness of its entire range of products.

Dayfresh has primarily targeted customers who are keen to eat and live healthy. The wholesome milk freshness is full of nutrition. Another point of difference is that the source of this milk is purely from 4000 Australian cows which are under supervision of Dairyland company. So the product comes from a state-of-the-art farm which runs under the same management hence hygiene and sanitation are ensured. There are no hormonal injections with no human touch, or antibiotics injections for making the milk more tastier or increase the quantity.

I came across the brand last year and since then I have been a regular user myself. I like the taste and fullness of this milk. However, I’d love for the brand to be easily available at all the retail stores, not just in super/hyper markets. I am also in love with their Chocolate Flavored milk which is actually quite chocolate and yum! Here’s the current SKU list from their Milk category:


And here’s the new addition to their family (I personally loved the MOOOO background):


I happened to attend the launch event of this new SKU, TetraPack which comes without any preservatives added.  The entire team of Dayfresh was motivated and energetic about their future plans. One thing which I admired about their Sales team was how awesomely there were all motivated and calling themselves as “The Champions”. Indeed, the leaders did a great job in nurturing this work relationship. Mr. Suleman Monnoo on this occasion shared his vision for the company. According to him, it’s due to the Customers that they are standing at this position currently in such a short span of time. He said, “We believe that our customers is our real Brand Ambassadors”.


Mr. Suleman Monnoo, CEO Dairyland


Mr. Imran Atta, GM Commercial

Later on Brand Manager Hina Mughal shared some Milk category insights with us and how the company is aligning all the Marketing channels for brand communication. She says in future, we would see Dairyland being more active on Digital Media by approaching their TA at one of the most engaged platform.


Lastly, Mr. Faisal Aman, National Sales Manager Dairyland shared a few words. He was given a warm welcome by the sales team. I remember I could hear the clapping for like non-stop 5 minutes which reflects how he is as a Team player and Team leader. Kudos to you Mr. Faisal!


It was good attending this full of energy event and get to know their organizational culture, the values and how motivated their team is.

Dayfresh currently offers Flavored and non-flavored milk along with Yogurt and Raita but the management revealed that the company is soon going to step and cater the overall Breakfast category which means Jams/Jellies/Butter/Cheese and what not! I think this will be a brilliant line extension and could help Dayfresh in boosting their sales and overall market share.

And here are some of the selfies we could not help clicking lol:


Selfie w/ Faizan, Umair, Azeez, Husnain and Amber


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