#SayItWithPepsi: Emoji bumpers, emoji bumpers everywhere!

I have said this before, I will say it again. These emoji bumpers are really connecting with the Target Audience of Pepsi. It’s crazy how the brand is using famous social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to give out the message.

Everybody is sharing these emojis. For the very reason that they are not just limited to one particular occasion or event. #SayItWithPepsi has been one campaign which has been really engaging throughout. And the best part i noticed is, it didn’t end with just a video message or few creatives. Pepsi has gone unstoppable, coming up with so many bumpers you can’t even keep up with. 😀

Having a BBQ part at your place? Love digging that leg piece in your Chicken Biryani? Planning a night out with friends? Movie time probably? Or a surprise Birthday party for your BFF? Lazy pizza night? OR may be a Patriotic dose on national days? Look no further. Pepsi Pakistan has covered it all! And this is not even close to the entire range of bumpers Pepsi Pakistan has come up with. It’s like you name it, they have it.

My personal favorite Emoji Bumper is Dil Dil Pakistan one. It reminds me oCWhNN6jXAAAOT8Qf the time we used to decorate our house with cute little Pakistani flags when Independence Day was around. Every year Mom, my brother and I would get all the preparations and we used to divide our tasks. It was such a fun family activity. Really brings back some sweet memories. 🙂 So thank you Pepsi for bringing us these emojis we could really relate with.

It would be great if we could see more bumpers coming out. I would love to see how our favorite celebrities and famous personalities would look on these bumpers. Sounds like a fun idea, right? I hope Pepsi do come up with some so i could grab my favorite ones from the lot. :’)

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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