Let’s talk over a cup of Chai!

Tapal is out with yet another communication piece that connects so well with its Target Group. Being a Chai lover, i could not help but notice how they have caught the insight well. Women in our households are the ones who usually make tea (or any other food/snack item) for that matter. However, Tapal decided that it’s time we break the stereotypes. Why should women always be the one to make tea? There are husbands who do make tea for their wives as a gesture of love and admiration for all the things they keep up with, for all the work they do for their husbands, for all their efforts to keep their lovely relationship one of the most adorable one in the world!

Therefore, Tapal came up with this TVC where Fawad Khan plays the role of a Husband while Momal Sheikh is seen as his wife. Fawad surprises her by coming home early from office and making a tea which she thinks is for him. Turns out, the husband made it for her because she totally deserved it! 🙂 How sweet is that?

I totally loved the idea. I know it must be cliched for a lot of people out there, but then it is exactly what we could relate to. A perfect slice of life. #TumMeinAurAikCupChai  – this is what defines a perfect moment with your partner.

Communications could be seen in terms of TVC, OOH and even on Digital, Tapal asked it’s fan to tag their husbands and urge them to make a cup of tea for them! 🙂 (And of course, the winners get prizes too.) Here’s the video which was done on the shoot and shared on Digital Media:


If you have not watched the TVC yet, watch it here:

So anyways folks, take a part in their digital campaign, TAG YOUR HUSBAND if you haven’t yet! 😉 That’s about it with my favorite current campaign’s review. Subscribe to my Blog, FacebookTwitter or Instagram if you don’t want to miss out on the latest happenings, campaign reviews & some amazing updates!

Happy Reading! 🙂

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