#AaRahaHaiX – What is the hype about?

On December 14th, #AaRahaHaiX started trending on Twitter. Conversations started taking place and more curiosity was generated among the audience. Everyone wanted to know, what exactly is this “X” and when is it going to be unveiled?

From what i gathered, Moblink‘s COO Aamir Ibrahim gave it away from his tweets that the hashtag has something to do with Mobilink. My best guess was either it could be a gadget or a new 3G Package.

Despite the conversations generated and all that curiosity, nobody knows what exactly is this X but I am pretty sure Mobilink will be soon unveiling this X. This X is already stirring conversations on social media in Pakistan. OOH Placement was also spotted which is (yet) without a brand name.


Photo Credits: Twitter

It’s definitely a new addition to the telecom sector. Probably a series of new gadgets or new sim packages. Who knows?!

People will stay curious..

Let’s wait and see when the cat comes out of the bag. Until next time.. Ciao! 🙂


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