[Lifestyle Update] Lifewares: Giving your home a new life!

Lifewares by Interwood, located at Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi, is a one stop home solution. Whether you are looking to revamp your interior or setting up a new place from point zero. You will be amazed at how aesthetically pleasing every piece of furniture is at the store. It’s not just a furniture, it’s art for sure.

When i first entered the store, it gave me such positive aura. Everything was set up in a unique beautiful design. From Kitchen models to Bedroom styles, from Living room models to Kids room, everything and anything was available.

My favorite part was indeed the spotting of these beautiful paintings, coffee tables, classy sofa sets and wooden shelves. If only i could get to set up an entire home with these things (lol).

Let’s have a look at these different bed room ideas which i clicked at the Lifewares store:


Next in line is of course the dinning area. Here are some dinning table models from the store:


Apart from these, i spotted some really good couch/sofa sets which i’d love to have for my place. Take a look below:


My favorite: Recliner Sofa Set – Best for movie nights!


In case you plan to have a study/office room in your place.


For a more formal yet classy living room (digging those paintings!)


If you are a vintage fan, you’d love this one! Straight outta Victorian Era ❤

The other side with shelves and drawers. Don’t you just love more book keeping space? I can’t get enough!!

Don’t you love this? Brown comfy cough to spend a relaxed informal movie night with your BFF (Needless to say, i added this in my things-i-must-buy list).

Apart from these, i love the idea of Entry way furniture especially mirror table sets which are outrageously gorgeous like some of these:

Overall, i love the feel of this store. I just wished i could either buy a new place just to get some furniture from here or i could just turn into a freelance interior designer lol. I couldn’t help gasping when i saw these comfy sofa i’d love to have beside my bookshelf. I could spend the entire day reading a book here without feeling tired.

(My personal favorite is the grey one btw!)

I also stumbled upon some really catchy art pieces which would really stand out for their uniqueness and creativity. I caught some on my camera:

A two day activity was held at the event to keep its audience engaged. One activity was to take your selfie with the Lifewares booth set-up at Dolmen Mall and sharing it using the hashtag #MyLifewares.



The other activity involved getting a picture taken with your family at Lifewares booth set-up in Dolmen Mall. People were taking home this beautiful wooden framed picture along with a chance to be featured on one of their billboards placed at different places in the city. How cool is that?!

And well, the results are out already. Here are some winners:

A lot of hyper over social media was created as Key Opinion Leaders and Bloggers joined in at the launch. It was indeed a pleasure meeting everybody. One thing which i personally loved about the store was how it differentiates from its counterparts. Once you step inside, you would know would i am talking about. It had a good feel about it. I think how the overall store is designed is really wonderful. You can’t walk out empty handed, that’s for sure. With such a variety and affordable price tags, i think Lifewares has something to offer for everyone.

Here’s what some of the tweeps has to say about Lifewares:

For rest of the stuff, you can check out their new revamped website or Facebook page.

till next time.. Happy Shopping! 🙂

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