Online Shopping finally going big in Pakistan!

I am sure you guys must be aware of the #BlackFriday craziness which recently went viral in Pakistan. But do you have any idea how successful it went for one of the biggest E-commerce giant in Pakistan?

Well.. here are some stats:

How Daraz Made History!.png
Photo Credits: Daraz PK

Isn’t this amazing? More than 1.5 Million People visiting the website on 27th November while the hashtag #BlackFriday trended for 2 days in Pakistan generating millions of impressions and engagement. With such a warm welcome to Black Friday in Pakistan (despite some connotations with the word Black used with Friday), it is accepted by the majority as the results show!

I am sure the brand has some learnings out of this experience. As #BlackFriday 2016 will be bigger and better, let’s hope for more awesome deals and a platform which stays consistent and bears such huge traffic!

Good work, guys! (Now please streamline the order delivery process as I have only received one of my orders lol)

till next time.. Happy Shopping! 🙂

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2 responses to “Online Shopping finally going big in Pakistan!

  1. Wonderful. But slashing prices and making a sale is the easiest way of marketing anything. There were offers which discounted prices more than 50% (including easy pay option), what does that tell you? the Brand is worth half the price to be successful/ popular?

    And does this one / two day sales really tell you the true potential of e commerce?




    • Thanks for your comment, Adeel. I personally believe that a lot of new and first time users came to the website due to Black Friday sales and huge discounts. However, to make them returning customers Daraz do need to provide promised quality as well as the brands that fit their need too. Sale/Discounts are a temporary promotion technique. Long term relationship is dependent on how good Daraz cultivate their relationship with these first time users. I remember how much hassle customers faced (including myself) when the time of delivery came. So yes, Ecommerce players need to make sure they can come up to your expectations in terms of services as well. 🙂


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