#PakvsEng: Toss of the taste!

If you are a Cricket Lover (which 90% of the Pakistanis are), then I am sure you must have been following up with the recently concluded match series between Pakistan and England which took place in the grounds of UAE.

Pakistan did brilliantly well in Test Matches however England’s performance hiked up during ODIs and T20s.  But that’s part of the game. Here’s a summary for you. The last match was on November 30th which was a draw but later we lost that one as a result of super over.


Courtesy: Cricket.com.pk

Winning and losing is part of the game. Despite of the outcome of these matches, i believe such matches should take place more often as we all crave for entertainment and Cricket is one thing which unites us all and give us reasons to be happy! 🙂

So what was new this time around, you ask? Well. If you are a social media user (and if you religiously follow brands and interact with them online), you’d know how there are numerous competitions going on around especially during the Cricket season. Guess & Win competitions are an integral part of Cricket now (because Old School people still make bets with their friends!). Crazily enough, brands are surely thinking outside the box. To break the clutter, Cheetos Pakistan branded the Coin Toss activity throughout the series.This is how #FlamingHotToss caught my attention!

Everbody on Twitter and Facebook took part and looked out for the Toss! Don’t we all always look forward to seeing and wishing that we win the toss (or sometimes we lose it because of the playing fields ;))? It was indeed a good insight and Cheetos captured it well. Audience engaged by answering to different questions thrown their way by Cheetos.


One of the winners from Facebook competition

#FlamingHotToss was indeed something interested and unexpected. I am looking forward to what Cheetos does next! Keep up the good work, guys!

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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