When #PepsiMoji goes desi..

#PepsiMoji is the latest trend and entrance in our Pakistani market. However, the concept of using Emojis to get your message across was first initiated in Canada by Pepsi, followed by many other countries like US, Thailand etc. Pepsi urges it’s target audience (youth) to #SayItWithPepsi. I think the insight which Pepsi has tapped on for this campaign is brilliant. Youngsters these days communicate more via emojis, they prefer using less words but more emoticons. This is what Pepsi Pakistan did. They created the hype in the following manner:

The emoji bottles aren’t out in the market yet but Pepsi Pakistan has given us some pictures to guess which emojis will be featured.

My favorite – Representing a fun night (Bonfire, Music, Friends & Pepsi)
Movie night out with Friends, Popcorn & Pepsi!


I think Pepsi is making this version more localized, more adaptive to our market and culture. I would really love if they also use Rikshaw, Biryani, Kites (depicting Basant), Seekh Botis/Tikka (depicting Eid) as emojis. I mean, these would look perfect. Being a desi, that’s all i could think of. What do you guys think? Do you have any specific emoji in mind? Do share in the comments below! 🙂

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