#SheSaidYes – Brand Engagement at its best!

A few days ago, i posted how i came across this campaign by Sweet Touch. It is by far one of the best giveaways of social media (in Pakistan). As observed by recent trends, Bridal Showers are usually a must these days for any bride-to-be. Especially when you have a bunch of siblings/cousins and friends because then it is either a surprise one or a planned one. Nevertheless, in all the marriage functions in Pakistan, this quote “the more, the merrier” fits perfectly. So, the more wedding functions, the more fun it is for everyone. However, it’s not always easy on pockets! Therefore, the idea of a sponsored Bridal Shower came as a sweet surprise.

As i have been following #SweetTouchBridalShower campaign since the start, i witnessed how beautifully the whole thing was carried out. Everything was taken care of by the brand. From Bridal make-up (by artist from Femina Institute) to Bridal themed giveaways, each and every detail was done beautifully. There was also a photographer who covered the entire event for the bride (for free ofcourse!).


Here are the pictures of the lovely bride and her bridesmaids after the make-over:


Everything was draped in lovely pink and white colors. From the table runners to the drinking glasses, from the balloons to the backdrop. It looked like a fairy tale coming true. If you don’t believe me, take a look at these pictures:


I am sure now you know what I am talking about! 🙂 I think brands should learn a thing or two from Sweet Touch and instead of keeping contests which are short term, arrange and plan something like this which remains hooked with it’s participants for a longer period of time.

Along with the winner Sana Sultan, i am sure even the participants would remember this for a long term. In this current digital scenario, story making and story telling is a brilliant art. And that’s what pushes your content as a brand. It is like a good PR strategy, when played well. Imagine the word of mouth this one activity will create and the impact it will have among it’s target group?! The marketeer in me thinks this was a brilliant initiative. And i hope more brands learn such tactics as Sweet Touch has already raised the bar! 🙂

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below. Kindly refrain from posting personal comments directed towards anybody in the pictures.

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