Look out for the biggest SALE of 2015!

Sale. Sale. SALE: How can i resist?!

(For the love of shopping, i share with you the biggest news of the year. If you believe in “Shop till you drop” mantra, then read this article and send some prayers and love my way <3)


1) What is happening here? 

Biggest sale of the season dude (and dudettes)!! Are you kidding me? You didn’t know this already? Oh okay. No problem. It’s not started yet. So fasten your seat belts and keep reading further! 😉

Black Friday is the day which comes after Thanksgiving Day (An American Festival) every year. It usually falls in the fourth week of November. Initiated in United Status and adopted by different countries around the globe, Black Friday is now one of the most loved Shopping Festival as majority of the retailers (mind you, MAJORITY) offer massive discounts on different items. It usually is to persuade people to do Christmas/New years shopping and save up some bucks while they are at it!


2) Black Friday Shopping craziness is for people living abroad so how does it concerns me?

It’s a whole cumbersome task to order online from abroad during Black Friday (for all the online shopping lovers like me, i feel you bro) and then asking your relatives living abroad to either pay for it, or buying it through a 3rd party vendor here and paying extra taxes and operational costs.

So, the big news for all you CRAZY SHOPPING ENTHUSIASTS is this: DarazPK is introducing the concept of Black Friday for the first time ever in Pakistan. YESSSSS! IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING YOU GUYS. :’) The expected discounts will be upto 70%!!!

3) I can get discounts at other websites too then why DarazPK?

Well.. That’s a logical question. But I’ve done my research. You can’t win from me when it comes to getting huge discounts especially on online shopping (Experience talks haha!). At DarazPK, the discounts are HUGEEE. From category discounts as high as 63% on smartphones, 50% on computing and 70% on fashion and accessories, you should be all set for a shopping frenzy, at least I am. Can you imagine getting a brand new iPhone S6 at Rs. 62,279 anywhere else? CAN YOU? 😀


4) How do i prepare for the Black Friday? What am i SUPPOSED to do?

Okay. Don’t panic. We still have the whole day to plan. Now let’s get started:

a) Make a list of all the things you need/want

b) Check out all the items stated at DarazPK’s website. Don’t forget to check out #DarazBlackFriday & #BlackFridayPK for some tips and discount deals!

c) Keep a shortcut saved (in case you plan to order via desktop version). For the ones using Mobile apps, please do the honors of inaugurating your notepads lol.

d) Read the payment policy here. I like how we can get 25% extra discounts via using EasyPaisa (Do check the link for detailed information regarding payment methods).

e) Wait for the right time.. and SHOP SHOP SHOP! 


Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee/tea before you start your online shopping journey. Also, make a list of Alternate Brands (in case yours run out already). Thank me later ❤ 😉

Do you have any Black Friday tips to share? How do you prep for Black Friday? Any Shopping experience you’d like to share? I’d love to hear how you guys plan and prepare for it. Don’t forget to drop a comment below. 

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Happy Reading! 🙂

For PR/Media queries, kindly write to me at sadiyazhar@hotmail.com


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