What Pepsi Pakistan did using Instagrid? It gets #ExcitingAbhi..

Brands in Pakistan have been very active on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. Some brands cashed on their early entrance on Instagram, the rest followed the lot. What happened was, these brands who were in a way, early adopters, in terms of branding on Insta were definitely benefited in terms of Brand Awareness & Audience Engagement.

Exploring more on Insta (as we call it), recently Insta Ads have been rolled out for brands and man do i love them (this deserves another blogpost soon). So anyways, if you are a regular instagram user (like me), you might know of the term Instagrid. Instead of focusing on individual pictures that a person uploads to their Instagram feed, when you upload segments of a full picture on your insta, it’s called an Instagrid. I have came across many individual users and international brands using the idea and making their insta profile (landing page) such a visual treat! So how exactly Pepsi came in the picture, you ask?

Well.. Pepsi Pakistan came up with this brilliant idea of using a real life dining table picture in their Instagrid. The most creative thing is, individually these pictures represent a food item love by many of us (my desi country fellows) and as a whole, it is a dining table with all the dishes we love to gobble down (Biryani, Tikka, Handi, Haleem and so on!). It sure gives the idea of how Pepsi makes our food #ExcitingAbhi. 🙂

Here’s the overall Table look for you to please your eyes (and to make your mouth water):


Individually, if you take a look at each picture, it is equally pleasing to eyes (and tummy and nostrils and what not lol). Take a look at the instagrid and individual pictures here.

Just to try out and participate in the madness, i also tweeted my food picture along with the hashtag #ExcitingAbhi and look what @PepsiPakistan did:

I love the idea of engaging with brands. Being a Marketing grad, i have always loved how brands interact on digital platforms and how prompt the responses are. It’s wonderful how this campaign was carried out and how Facebook was not the only medium being used. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below. Tell me what do you think about Instagrid. Do you have any favorites? Do share with me! 🙂

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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