Movie Review: Why Jawani Phir Nahi Ani is a hit?

(Jawani Phir Nahi Ani – Guest Review by Anum Saeed. Edited by Sadiya Azhar)

Jawani Phir Nahi Aani is yet another tremendous effort by Pakistani cinema for its revival. It is a funfilled roller coaster ride for 2.5 hours with a heavy packed laughter dose is guaranteed by JPNA. It has all the right ingredients of a hit comedy flick. From Humour which makes you laugh so hard that you get out of your seats to Glamour oozing out from those beautiful colorful dresses to makeup on spot! It is full of adventure, fun and excitement; a complete “Paisa wasool” movie.


The movie is based on life of three friends who are married but not happy. Then comes a saviour who takes them on a trip to Thailand for a fun relaxing time. The bad luck, however, continues when the wives find out about this secret adventures of their husbands.  Things take a very messy turn but eventually everything is settled down. It’s like when you’re baking, so much mess but the outcome is as smooth as a silk chocolate! To witness how it all happened, you must watch Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (or JPNA as we call it). 😉


There are total 6 songs in the movie. I am sure you guys are already aware of “Fair & Lovely ka Jalwa” and “Tera mera yeh aisa jor hai” featuring Tarang. Despite of the brands putting all their efforts, i would not call their tunes very catchy. For me, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani (the title song) which is sung by Ahmed Ali Butt along with Khul Jaye Botal which is sung by Mika Singh stood out the most. The rest i cannot even recall properly.



The three musketeers of the film Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahmed Ali Butt and Wasay Chaudhary were phenomenal. Ahmed Ali Butt with his cute looks, Wasay Chaudhary with his deadly one liners and Hamza Ali Abbasi with his looks will totally win your hearts. I especially admired the scenes with Ahmed Ali Butt who outshined among the fellow stars with his brilliant acting skills. Then there is Humayun Saeed, one of the senior actor in Pakistani Movie industry, who did justice to his role despite his lack of dancing skills which was quite obvious in some songs.

Exceptional acting skills shown by Sarwat Gillani, who is playing character of Wasay’s wife, which definitely won my heart with her Pashtun accent, featuring the famous dialogue “piece bara tight hai”. No doubt she stands out in the movie with her small yet very important role. From the wives lot, she is my favorite. Ayesha Khan is seen as Hamza’s wife while Uzma Khan is playing the role of Ahmed Butt’s wife.

The only thing which I have not forgotten about Mehwish Hayat was her makeup although I expected to see more of her performance in the movie but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. She was, however, a good addition the movie. On the other hand, the most irritating character of this movie was Sohai Ali Abro and her selfie-phobia, she could have easily played the role with a bit less overacting (and some less pouts would have been bearable).

Another disappointment was Bushra Ansari no doubt she is a legend and one of the finest actors in the industry but her typical Saima Chaudhary style has become monotonous, people now expect more from her seeing she is a senior artist, her acting skills needs diversification too.

Overall feeling:

I love the movie as I have already mentioned above but like any other movie, it has its flaws too. It lacks originality because almost every other scene reminds you of some Bollywood movie. I wouldn’t call it a complete remake of any of the movies I thought the scenes relate to, but surely the inspirations have been taken from these. From start till end you can relate this movie to multiple Bollywood Masala films. It’s like taking parts of different humor flicks from Bollywood and sewing them together. Humayun Saeed’s entry reminded me of the movie Life Partner whereas second half of the movie reminded me of No Entry. Cinematography of ending was taken from I Hate Luv Stories and overall it gives feel of the movie Masti. Instead of these similarities, the movie rocked the cinemas for the very reason that we are an entertainment hungry nation. And what’s good than seeing your own actors on the big curtain, right?

In short whatever the flaws JPNA has, such phenomenal acting skills and dialogues definitely lit up the moods of its audience. So If you are looking for a good humor packed with glamour and excitement then JPNA is one movie which you shouldn’t miss!

Selfie by Ahmed Ali Butt

Selfie by Ahmed Ali Butt


Music 3/5

Eye Candy 4/5

Direction 4.5/5

Overall 4.5/5

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Happy Watching! 🙂

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