For the Bride-to-be: Free and yet oh-so-fancy Bridal Shower for you!

Bridal Showers are a recent addition in our list of trends, which is not celebrated by all the brides or by their friends/siblings to shower her with lots of love, presents and have some fun time together! In case you are wondering, why am i so excited about this overall Bridal Shower fiasco, let me share that reason. 🙂 I have a group of friends from my university times, and since we all graduated, whoever gets married is given a surprise (or not so surprise) Bridal Shower by the rest of the friends. It’s always a fun day as we all get to meet up and plan the day as well as we share “our moment” with our bestie before she goes off to her new journey (few of my friends are already engaged and getting married soon :D). I am getting them to register for this fun thing as well!

So i recently came across this new campaign of Sweet Touch England “She Said Yes” which took me by surprise (and a good one at that). I was (and still am) all so excited to share it with everyone (especially my friends). What better way to celebrate a grand Bridal Shower which is sponsored by a brand? Keeping in mind how they plan to pamper not just the *Bride-to-be* but her *bridesmaids* as well. 😉


It’s all for free. All it requires is a simple registration and one (or more) Brides-to-be could end up winning this fancy deal! Yes, you read it right. Free but not cheap Bridal Shower could be yours. So here’s what you should do:

1) Go to Sweet Touch England’s Facebook Page and like it.

2) Next, Register on this link. You’ll be required to fill the following details:Stuff

3) Now just wait and stay in touch with the page. You might just win yourself the fanciest Bridal Shower. I am sure you’d be curious to see what they have in the bag, right? 1 2

6 5

Keep your fingers crossed for the results and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #SweetTouchBridalShower on all social media platforms. Can’t wait to find out who wins and how the whole thing is pulled off (especially the execution part) *all excited*.

I will update this space soon with more details. 😉 Don’t forget to check out my InstagramTwitter or Facebook. You can also subscribe to my Blog if you don’t want to miss out on some amazing updates!

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