Campaign Review: Pepsi turns all EMO(ji) with youngsters!

ITPnGFcCEmoticons (or widely known as Emoji) have become a source of communication in recent times. Not just people could relate their expressions with Emojis, they found it easier, quicker to send the message across. As we all know how social media has influenced our lives, especially the lives of the young generation. Being connected, on-the-go is not a want anymore, it has become our need. Tapping on the same need of staying connected and communicating continuously, PEPSI came up with an emotionally triggered campaign which will not only grab the attention of our generation but it will also play an integral part in their life. Therefore, #PepsiMoji was born.

12Pepsi Canada came up with this idea initially to bring out customized PET bottles and Cans with a large collection of fun and exciting PEPSI Emojis. The campaign #SayItWithPepsi was on air in June 2015 which was appreciated by the lot and became an instant favorite. The idea was to let people communicate without the need of any verbal exchange to make it more exciting and fun and because “Expressions” fall under a universal language, breaking the language barriers, bringing people closer.

To give a push to this campaign, the overall campaign had a holistic marketing strategy. From Print to Digital to OOH, all the brand communications reflected Pepsi’s new campaign. Pepsi came an extra mile and introduced a dedicated Keyboard for cellphones with #PepsiMoji. Played all the right cards!PepsiMojiKeyboard

 Here are some of Emojis on the Cans & PET bottles:

1711 16

Here’s a sneak-peak on Emojis from Pepsi Canada on #WorldEmojiDay across all social media platforms.

 #PepsiPakistan could not resist and shared this  on Twitter:

Let’s see when Pepsi decides to go local with this campaign and how it turns out in Asia especially in Pakistan. Meanwhile, check #PepsiMoji for more updates. Stay tuned! 🙂

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