The Asal Foodies Show: Food train on it’s way to the last stop!

So, what is more exciting other than cooking all those fancy dishes? EATING them all, of course. And that is what it always has been about for the crazy foodies like me. Now guess somebody on a magical journey of Food, traveling from places to places in search of the most famous cuisines offered by the city. From Karachi’s Haleem and Nihari to Multani Chops & Anda Chana, from Lahori Paye to Islamabad’s Karahi, you name it and they have (had) it ;).

Hosts of the show are Anoushey Ashraf & VJ Shahzad who are usually accompanied by one or another celebrities on their food explorations! The concept of this show is brilliant. There’s no wonder that most of us desis like to have our BBQ or desi food with 7up. One reason why i love this show is because we get to see that foodie side of the celebrities while they are sharing their food adventures with us.


Thanks to the shows, I have made an entire list of places to visit once again so i could try all the things these people tried (Can i just say that i envy them for having all that hot pippin’ desi food (Paye, Brain Masala, Haleem, Tikkay, Biryani, Chops, what not?!)

Here are the glimpses from #AsalFoodies Karachi stop with Sarwat Gillani:

Glimpses from #AsalFoodies Lahore stop with Ali Hamza from Noori:

Sadly, as all good things come to an end so does this #AsalFoodies show. Nonetheless, I am excited what they will be revealing in the last show which by the way is featuring the capital, Islamabad. Did i mention the celebrity yet? Ooooh. Hold your breath and scroll down.












None other than, Uzair Jaswal. Oh yes!!! Bring it on, #AsalFoodie. So yummm (the food.. shh :p)

The show will be on-aired on Saturday (that’s today – 31st Oct) and here are the timings:

Aaj News 6:30 PM
Dunya News 5:00 PM
Urdu1 11:00 PM
ATV 11:00 PM
PTV Home 11:00 PM
TV One 4:00 PM
GEO Entertainment 11:30 PM
GEO Kahani 11:00 PM

Can’t wait to see how the short fun series is ended and what dishes are Islamabad’s pride (Never really get to try any of their speciality, even though I’ve been to Izzzlamabad so many times). So i guess that’s another reason why I am looking forward to this last video in series. All of you Karachiites would agree that we keep saying that Izzzlamabad is no fun but who knows the foodie inside us might take us to the city of greens for the love of food? 😉  Let’s watch and find out today!

Till next time.. Happy Eating! #ManaLoFoodKaLove with 7up. ❤

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