Coca-Cola is Back with Emoticons: Share a Coke.. Share a Feeling!

Most of us these days communicate with each other through social applications, using not just one but different language of expressions, usually called emoticons (or emojis). In Vietnam, Coca-Cola initiated an extension of Share a Coke campaign known as “Share a Feeling”. Playing on the most appropriate trend, Coca-Cola has done it once again.

Here are some of the famous emoticons used on the Coca-Cola bottles:

  Coke 8 Coke 6 Coke 10 Coke 9

Coke also gave opportunity to Vietnamese teens to share their own stories. Using their most used app in Vietnam, Zalo (social application), Coke gave an opportunity to customize cans and bottles at selected retail outlets by featuring stickers of Zalo. As emoticons portray human feelings very closely, our generation has gotten used to this method of communication. Integrating the emoticons with Coke bottles resulted in strengthening the emotional bond of Coca cola with the consumers. Heart Strategy? Marketing at heart? Coke knows it all!

With this extension of #ShareACoke, #ShareAFeeling campaign, i believe Coke has played just the right strings by breaking the language barriers. Integrating itself with the popular culture elements while keeping itself “in” with both offline and online communications is the way to go! One of the many reasons why I love Coke is because of its marketing tactics. Coke always communicate at the right time, with the right message, targeting the right audience. A brilliant harmony is created throughout its communication. Let’s see how this campaign is replicated in other countries. I can’t wait to see how it turns out especially in Pakistan.

Till next time.. Happy reading! 🙂

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