The most talked about party of the K-town: #MagnumParty15

IMG_5552#MagnumParty15 invites came home a week before the party was due. Keeping up with their ritual, Magnum once again sent out a unique invite. A gorgeous chocolaty scarf from Maheen Karim along with the pass. The suggested dress theme was anything from Shades of Chocolate. And here’s what I wore (and designed for the event):


PR for the event was handled by Golin PR, Digital Integration was done by Creative Chaos while Catwalk handled the Event Production. The gorgeous make-up for the models was done by none other than Nabila’s pro team. Hum sitaray was the Media partner and City FM 89 was the Radio partner for the event. The entire hype around the Magnum Party was because of the shared love of Chocolate. It was indeed an eventful day for the pleasure seekers who got together to celebrate the mutual love for Magnum. 🙂

Upon reaching Area 51 where one of the most happening party was about to take place, it was indeed an eye candy to witness such aura and ambiance. Everywhere from the entrance to the delicacies present on the dessert table were given nothing but a chocolaty shower. The entire setup was done very thoughtful and I surely enjoyed it. I loved how RAKA always excel itself.


IMG_5533 IMG_5534


Upon reaching the venue, a Chocolate Carpet welcomed us. Since the invite was very exclusive, I was pleased to spot some of my favorite people including celebrities, divas, media people and bloggers.


Wall of Chocolate & Etc.

Firstly, a fashion show took place which was inspired solely by the love of Chocolate. While it took a little while for the show to start, I roamed around and met many familiar faces. There were a few things which kept us entertained. This chocolate wall, for example, was an attraction.


There was also a Magnum Bar Station at the venue which was a wonderful treat for all us chocolate lovers. We (me and my friends) also spotted two Fashion installations which were done so brilliantly. Take a look:


Done by Ali Xeeshan

IMG_5259 IMG_5260 IMG_5262

Here’s my very own Magnum Bar which i got customized while i was waiting for the show to start:


The other Fashion Installation was done by Fahad Hussayn. This piece was done by using lots of Magnum bar sticks. That’s right!


Done by Fahad Hussayn


Done by Fahad Hussayn

Selfie Mirror?

Did i mention there was also a selfie mirror just beside the Chocolate Carpet? This unique idea was pulled off by Creative Chaos. The pictures were being uploaded directly on the website while people enjoyed a different way of taking selfies. There was a button installed on the ground and we were supposed to look at the mirror and press it. After a few failed attempts, i just managed to grab one from the phone lol. I have yet to find my picture on the website! 😀

IMG_5586 IMG_5585

Chocolate inspired Fashion walk

Designers line-up was done something like this:

1) Shehla Chatoor

First came Shehla Chatoor’s collection on the bar turned ramp. However, I was not really impressed with the way it turned out to be. A lot of people might have liked the idea of a gown inspired by a Magnum wrapper, I don’t. The only thing which i liked about this picture (below) is that gorgeous Magnum bar inspired clutch. It would not be exaggeration if i say, it was one of the highlights from the entire Fashion walk.


This dress, on the other hand, tried to make it’s way to my list of favorites. It had to face a lot of hindrances (dare i say). If i would given a chance to play with this dress, I’d use that Magnum bar designs on a long skirt with a plain black top (probably in Jersey to give it a chic look).


Here’s the glimpse from Shehla Chatoor’s collection from the show:



2) Maheen Karim

Unlike, Shehla Chatoor’s collection which, in most parts, looked inspired from Dark and Milk Chocolate, Maheen Karim’s collection gave a feel of White Chocolate all around with a splash of Milk Chocolate and Hazelnuts. That’s what the color combinations made me feel.

These two dresses (pictured below) stood out the most for me from her collection. Too much gold yes, but i like my Baked pudding with some glittered Chocolate glazed. 😉




3) Republic by Omar Farooq

Next in the line-up was Republic by Omar Farooq. Too much eye candy? OH YES. A much needed break for all the folks and a treat for all the ladies around (I’m sure :p). The chocolate boys didn’t fail to impress me. The overall collection gave a good feel but nothing was too oh-so-fancy. Although, if given a chance, I’d take this jumper shirt home. The colors used for this line-up reminded me of some amazing Chocolate Milk-shakes. Especially this one (pictured below) feels like a Belgium Chocolate shake with crunchy almonds. YUMM!!


IMG_5661 IMG_5660

Here’s the entire collection by Omar Farooq:


4) Elan by Khadija Shah

As they say, things get better with time. And so it did. Khadija Shah’s collection had a lot of dark moments (of chocolate of course!). Also, how precious does this dress look (pictured below) from her collection? The entire aura is not so chocolaty but yet so empowering. I loved the color combinations. She’s nothing short of a princess. For me, this dress stood out the most in Khadija Shah’s collection (and it also became one of my top few favorites!).

elan1 elan3

One of the models was fearlessly fierce, just the like the organic dark chocolate. Bitter but better! I liked how she jumped on the bar, stood out from everyone else on the ramp, not with anything else but her ramp performance. Way to go!


5) Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari was the last one from the designers line-up. Needless to say, he surely did magic on the ramp. Don’t you find this Ombre gown just so delicious? The concept is indeed very beautifully expressed through the colors. From shades of chocolate to what Fouzia Aman carried (a chocolate dripping dress), it felt like we have chocolate showers all around. Indeed a very pleasant collection.

nomi4 nomi3

The only dress which was a miss for me was what Areeba Habib adorned. It looked more like a Chocolaty Taco with lots of jelly beans (i know Taco’s are not sweet – but that’s what the dress made me feel).



After Party and all that jazz!

After the short fashion presentation, we were all up on the dance-floor-turned-ramp. Music, glitz, glamor and a house full of chocolate. Whatelse one could wish for? We let ourselves lose in some delicious chocolate and the music beats!


It was indeed a pleasure being invited to the #MagnumParty15 to celebrate the good things in life! To all the pleasure seekers around who are reading this, Love for Chocolate is a real thing. We sure are in a healthy relationship! 😉 ❤

So many selfies.

So many selfies.

It was indeed a pleasure being invited to the #MagnumParty15 and celebrating the chocolate & good things in life! ❤

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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