Bloggers Meet-up: A day out in Toyota Grande with speed and style!

Toyota is available in 107 countries around the world and Pakistan ranks the 4th highest selling market of Toyota Corolla after USA, Brazil & China. To keep up with the current trends in Pakistan, Toyota has finally jumped on the Digital bandwagon. Toyota took this decision to grow as the digital industry grows in Pakistan. This will help improve its brand image and brand loyalty. Toyota recently organized an exclusive bloggers meet-up, the very first one by any automotive industry in the country. As their step in the digital world is still in the testing phase, only a few selected bloggers and online influencers were invited to announce the news of Toyota going digital. When discussed with their Marketing & Planning team, we were told that they will arrange and engage the digital community more in future, once they have figured out what brings them the most exposure in terms of branding.




All the bloggers were gathered at Clifton from where we were divided into two private buses which took us to the premises. So the day at Indus Motors started with the tour of different Toyota plants at the Port Qasim facility. Upon reaching, we were first briefed regarding safety protocols of the plant. Later, the presentation started and we watched different TVCs of Toyota vehicles like Fortuner, Land cruiser, Vigo Champ, Toyota Altis & Toyota Grande. However, the center of the discussion remained Toyota Grande which comes with superior continuous variable transmission technology and a brilliant fuel efficiency. 

IMG_4487 IMG_4486


After the briefing session, we were divided into four teams. As there are four major processes: Stamping, Welding, Painting & Assembling, every team was taken to each facility one by one. Toyota’s production system is said to be one of the best in the world. As we were told, it takes around 4.2 minutes to finish a given task at Toyota plant. They, being a Japanese company, follow the “Kaizen” philosophy which means ‘continuous improvement’.  also believes in “Jidoka” means automation but with a human touch. We clearly witnessed that today at the plant. During the tour, one of the engineers shared that input from every level of employee is taken so that maximum efficient level could be reached. After the tour, we were given a chance to test drive the beauties; Toyota Altis Grande, Fortuner and Vigo Champ.

The bloggers and online influencers who carried the driving license enjoyed the on-ground feel and took a test drive. We were informed by General Manager Marketing & Planning Mr. Taimoor Ahmed that the new Corolla variants which are being manufactured in Pakistan now have more than 60 percent local components which makes it easier for us to get a new genuine part or get something fixed directly from the Toyota showroom.

After digesting all this information, we were taken to a Cruise ride (along the Marina Club strip) to wear off all the tiredness. The set-up was done nicely. We were served dinner while a gig was going on to entertain us. Later, we enjoyed some more music and ended the day on a joyful note.



Here are some pictures (and selfies) from the event:



IMG_8697 IMG_8680



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