#SonehraPakistan – seeing Pakistan through our eyes!

As a nation, what do you think what makes us come closer? What makes us be all positive? What exactly are we proud of? There are so many things. Cricket, Music, Places, Stories, Memories. But what actually is the common factor among all? It’s the country we all call home; Pakistan. Our very own beautiful Sonehra Pakistan :). No matter what happens, how much negativity has been related to Pakistan on international media. The love of Pakistan is something which truly reflects in each one of us. No matter how hard the negative elements try to tear us apart. Even a meaningless argument would bring us closer because in the end, our root cause is just one: Love Pakistan.

August is one such month when the patriotism (not just love) is in the air. During this Independence Month, a lot of patriotic campaigns kicked off. Some remained my top favorites while some I don’t even remember anymore. However, here’s another one in the series which I loved. #SonehraPakistan got everybody on my Twitter TL talking! The overall campaign was pushed over Facebook, Twitter & Instagram but due to twitter being more on the opinionated side, the number of people who were engaged was higher and absolutely amazing! That is how i stumbled upon this hashtag and further explored it. Needless to say, the posts and contributions from so many people got me all emotional (boosted my already active patriotic mode lol). I couldn’t help being a part of it. I loved how the page engaged everybody on twitter who were sharing so many facts and figures and such distinctive personalities from Pakistan. That showed how we have achieved so much and the fact that we are proud of such people who brought us here today!

People from different walks of life came together and flooded the internet with so much positivity. From sharing pictures and facts about famous personalities to breathtaking scenic views from Pakistan, everything and anything which made us proud was shared on this digital space.

Here’s a glimpse of how people expressed their love and jazba:

Here’s how people responded and appreciated to see the overall enthusiasm being expressed for our #SonehraPakistan:

I think it was a great idea to come up with such an engagement activity. Promoting nothing but the sheer mutual love and enthusiasm for Pakistan. While all this was happening, an online competition was also held by Soneri Bank. Some fun questions were asked which were mostly related to Pakistan’s History. Overall, the trip down the memory lane was just great. You could and i must say this that YOU SHOULD check out the hashtag at least once because it will surely hit you right in the feels! :’)

Long live Pakistan, mera #SonehraPakistan.

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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