Let the fire of patriotism burn throughout the year!

Tapal Danedar decided to bridge down the gap between our youth and elders this Independence Day. People who have always been there from the very start of Pakistan love the country with all its ups and downs.

We – the younger generation, on the other hand, overlook a lot of positivity and good things Pakistan has given us and focus on the recent situations which we might have faced or heard about. Hence our perception about Pakistan is very different and mostly negative which is based on very few experiences while our forefathers and grandparents faced a lot of tough times to get this very own country which we call our home. For them, it is not just a country or a piece of land. They have earned this pure land with their blood and sweat. And what did we do? Nothing. We just got lucky!

Our elders don’t take this hard earned possession for granted but our young generation thinks of Pakistan as a degraded state which face a lot of issues. When asked during the video, the young kids expressed that they will rather move elsewhere than staying here. When the first migrants of Pakistan were asked for their views upon celebrating independence day and Pakistan, their reaction was so full of love and patriotism that you could not help but feel the “jazba”. ❤

I like the message portrayed here. Why be patriotic for just once a year? Let’s celebrate this enthusiasm throughout the year and not just on the day of Independence. Kyunke, #AbDilKiSuno. 🙂

Take a look at the video here:

I loved watching it. Their OOH also complimented their overall independence day campaign. Good work there, Tapal!

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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