Movie Review: Dialing a Wrong No. for all the right reasons!

Wrong No. is a Pakistani film produced by YNH Films and ARY Films in Pakistan with story and direction by Yasir Nawaz.

Wrong No. has been pretty much in the social media limelight from quite a few days. And to tell you the truth, I have been very skeptical about it. I thought the expectations would turn low once we actually watch it instead of being fascinated by the trailer itself (Remember Jalaibee? So yeah!).

It’s premiere held last night (July 15th, 2015) in Karachi at Nueplex Cinemas. The entire star cast was there (minus Javed Sheikh – who was busy with another movie’s press conference in Dubai).

Cast and their Characters:

There are two lead characters in the movie and that’s Danish Taimoor (Sallu) and Danish Taimoor (Sheheryar). Confused? Oh well. Danish is playing double role and the movie revolves around Sallu’s escapades (from his Qasai family) in hopes of becoming an actor one day. On the other hand, Sheheryar (who is Nawab of some fancy named place) becomes the scapegoat. Sounds like bollywood? Yes, the movie is garnished and cooked in some bollywood masalas (if i may say so) but overall, it was a fun filled dose of entertainment.

Javed Shaikh (who is a qasai) plays role of father of Danish Taimoor (Sallu) in the movie. His presence makes the movie worth watching. Everytime he was on screen, i either had a ear to ear smile or a laughter attack!

Sohai Ali Abro plays the role of Sallu’s (Danish’s) neighbour who is head over heels for Sallu.

Janita Asma plays the role of Danish Taimoor’s (Sheheryar’s) employee.

Shafqat Cheema is seen as doing what he does best: in a villain role. However, his screen presence is comparatively lesser, but he do justice to whatever on-screen time he had.

Nadeem Jafri & Danish Nawaz are also seen in a comical role which will leave you hungry for more of their acting.

Dialogues & Punch lines:

Instead of talking about the basic story line (which i already mentioned would remind you of Bollywood, and i mean it in a good sense), I think it would be more appropriate to give you a spoiler free review and stick to what was highlighted most in the movie. As speculated, Wrong No. is a movie which has some really good punch lines with not-so-decent humor.

Would you be able to watch it with your family, you ask? The answer is quite relative to your bollywood dose consumption. So if have you been watching bollywood flicks like  Housefull, Garam Masala, Desi Boys with your family, then you would be completely at ease.

Songs? What Songs?

You can’t excel at everything and this is where Wrong No. did not impress me. There were quite a few songs in the movie (6 to be specific). They all have some good up-beat music with catchy (Not according to me) lines. But only Selfiyaan came close to what I would say a good (if not the best) song from Wrong No.

Lahore. Karachi. Metro. Samsung. Rivo. Repeat!

Being a Marketer by heart, i love noticing details. From Cuckoo’s Den Lahore with a view of Badshahi Masjid to Karachi’s Baloch Colony flyover, some really famous places were selected for the shoot.  Talking about Lahore, how can we miss Metro? Free publicity. yayy! Samsung and Rivo were spotted as well (i believe they are the sponsors). A blurry Dalda OOH also shared a few seconds of screen time with the stars.

Javed Shaikh’s (Haji Abba’s) on-screen Grandson:

Don’t be confused. I don’t remember the kid’s name either. What standout was his lines and dialogue delivery. This kid is around 10 years and his acting skills are brilliant! You would know what I am talking about once you watch the movie. The audience was literally in a laughter attack for good 2-3 minutes.

First half is like a bullet train, Second half starts like a local Shaheen:

As the movie starts with such a fast pace, the fact that it goes a little slow in the second half cannot be ignored. However, by the end of Second half things pick up speed and you will be enjoying it once again. Most of the punch lines are also used in the First half of the movie. Getting popcorns during the interval would be a good idea! I would also recommend you to not use your brains and do the math as I was doing in my head and asking questions “How come he reached Karachi to Lahore in a jiffy”?, “How come he knew where the kidnappers are hiding that he showed up with police”.

It’s a comedy fun flick which only requires you to relax, laugh and enjoy!

Overall, I believe WrongNo. is totally worth your time and money.


Music 2/5

Eye Candy 4/5

Direction 4/5

Overall 4/5


Nida Yasir wearing a lovely coral



Sohai Ali Abro in Sana Safinaz Official


Danish Taimoor

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2 responses to “Movie Review: Dialing a Wrong No. for all the right reasons!

  1. Eye candy 4/5? I see more eye candy in your red carpet snaps 😀
    Sorry, but even after pretending to be completely brainless, this movie was total trash… just a notch above Jalaibee. I tink after this and Chuup Raho… Yasir’s rape drama, I can safely say that the guy really knows how to drag a plot to a point where it becomes ultimately boring.
    But yea… the one-liners were pretty awesome.


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