Fashion Updates: Another place to shop #Kapray from!

Kapray is a retail brand which recently opened up in Dolmen Mall Clifton. As per the brand’s claim, Kapray is the first fast fashion brand in Pakistan. It will be launching fresh designs every 2 weeks. That’s right!

The store was bustling with people on the launch day as the pre-hype caught many people’s attention. A lot of celebrities, PR/Media people were also spotted at the launch. PR was handled by Take II while Digital was handled by The Digital Factory team. Set-up was done by RAKA.

IMG_6404 IMG_6406 IMG_6502 IMG_6582 IMG_6593

The best part about Kapray is, from the fabric construction to the finished product – the entire supply chain is handled by Kapray itself. This ensures the quality and let the brand be more efficient and prompt in terms of catching up with the current trends and customer likings.

First look of the store is warm and cozy. Some really nice installation of Kapray can be seen while entering the huge store which is divided into 4 sections; Kapray Women, Kapray Men, Kapray Kids and Kapray Home.

IMG_0672 IMG_0483

While checking out the Kapray Women, you will surely be getting hooked to the amazing jewelery/accessories corner. I surely eyed a teal bag and this white pair of comfy flats. So the range is not limited to Kapray but everything what you need for an evening out or for a casual work attire. From warm tones of blue to bright tones of yellow, this section is full of colors.



Printed Shirt


Embroidered Kurtis

5 6

Kapray Men, on the other hand, is very cool and calm. Lovely color palettes of blue, brown, maroon and grays were spotted along with some really funky loafers. Men section also comes up with not just Kapray but shoes, bags, wallets and other accessories.





Kapray Kids which looks so playful is very well done. There’s a small play area at the starting of this section so parents could drop their kids there and easily shop for them.


IMG_0571 IMG_0580


Kapray Home consisted of everything from Cushions to Bedsheets to Towels and what not.

IMG_0498 IMG_0499

The overall feel of the place is warm and cozy and it is like a one-stop solution for a family which caters to everybody in the house.

Due to the opening and too much rush, I could not stick around for too long in this section but i do plan to revisit once Eid is over as I’m sure all such places are flooded with people. However I did spent some good amount of time in the Women section (duh!). I liked their patterns and kurtis. The designs seemed familiar in a sense that it caught up with the trends.

Prices were pretty feasible as well. To give you a rough idea, a normal kurti ranges from Rs.2000-3000 (pretty much the same as other brands) while an embroidered kurti ranges from Rs. 3500-4500 as per my observation. Drop by the store. It is located in Designer Avenue, Ground Floor at Dolmen Clifton Mall, Karachi. You can connect with their Facebook page or go visit there e-store if you are not in Karachi. 🙂

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Happy Shopping! 🙂

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