Movie Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Watch Bin Roye

Bin Roye’s premiere held last night (July 13th, 2015) at Nueplex Cinemas. The entire setup was done very beautifully with my favorite motiyas and pretty backdrops. The night was star studded. Along with the star cast of Bin Roye; Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed & Armeena Khan, different celebrities were spotted. Behroz Subzwari with son Shahroze Subzwari and daughter-in-law Syra Shahroze were also there to support brother (and uncle) Javed Shaikh. Bushra Ansari, Imran Abbas, Angelina Malik also dropped by to show support for the cast and the movie.

Mahira Khan is playing the lead role as Saba, while Humayun Saaed is playing her cousin’s role (as Irtiza). Javed Shaikh and Zeba Bakhtiar plays Mahira’s (Saba’s) parents role. Armeena Khan is playing Saman (sister of Mahira Khan).

Here are the reasons why I think you should watch Bin Roye:

1) Mahira Khan

If you have missed out some Mahira Khan’s dose post-Humsafar, then you’ll surely love this movie. A huge chunk of the movie is focused on Mahira Khan (Saba) who is a very happy soul and she’s lovestruck!

2) Locations and breathtaking Scenic views 

From what I have heard, a major part of the movie was shot in Pakistan (Karachi), some of the scenes were also shot in San Francisco. So if you’ve a wanderlust romantic soul, you’d love the movie just for the locations and those mersmerizing views!

3) Balle Balle is the new London Thumukda!

Okay, i know that’s a little exaggeration. But the songs unexpectedly were pretty good. Balle balle stole the show for me (out of all the numbers). While Maula Maula remained the second favorite because.. Abida Parveen. No questions asked!

4) Support #PakistaniCinema 

Let’s be honest. We all want our Entertainment industry to grow and flourish. From last 2 years, there has been a changing trend in the movies being produced in Pakistan. Starting from Khuda Ke Liye, we have been gifted a new era which will definitely bring the doomed film industry back to it’s glory. So if you’re not a fan of either of the star casts, I’d still urge you to go and watch the movie because we should support Pakistani cinema!

5) Upcoming Drama Series? 

Some of you would already know that Bin Roye is movie adaptation of Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel Bin Roye Aansoo. So if you’re an avid reader and you always prefer books over movies and yet end up watching movie adaptations of your favorite picks (because you can’t help it), then you should get yourself a ticket. Also, did i mention that HUM TV is soon going to do a Drama series on the same novel? Yes. You heard that right!

Did i mention apart from the locations, what i LOVED most about the movie was the dresses? Designers who did dresses for the movie are: Sania Maskatiya, Feeha Jamshed, Elan, Deepak Perwani, Jazib Qamar, Labels & Bonanza.

There are a few things which you will obviously notice while watching the movie. Bin Roye like any other movie comes with loopholes and imperfections.  Let’s talk about a few, shall we? 

1) We all know how difficult it is to do justice to the books but here we are facing a totally different story. There was a lack of harmony in the scenes. Everything was happening very abruptly. I like my mango shake and my movies quite blended.

2) Everyone will be confused in the first half of the movie. 50 minutes in the movie and you’d still be watching Mahira going gaga over her cousin brother (who she’s in love with).

3) Humayun Saeed is no doubt a brilliant actor but I believe he should have been given more attention in the movie. Also, Humayun goes abroad for 2 years (It is still not clear why he actually went there. “It’s good for his career” is all he said in the movie). No other relevance was shown when he flew abroad. Job? Study? What exactly were you there for?

4) As i mentioned earlier, a little more detail and focus on the characters would have helped in character development properly. Supporting casts were also given very few dialogues. Oh and who is that guy who is always accompanying Irtiza to and back from the airport? Still unknown.

5) First half was a little slow. However, second half put up the pace and while some scenes were shot brilliantly, there were some hazy/blurry details too.


Music 4/5

Eye Candy 4/5

Direction 3/5

Overall 3/5

If you are looking to take out your family on Eid somewhere, this movie could do the trick. So If you have watched the movie or planning to watch it, do share your feedback. 🙂

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8 responses to “Movie Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Watch Bin Roye

  1. I see some really messed up stuff coming up. I hope it’s not another TV serial type of movie. Thanks for putting up your viewpoint. It will really help others as well. 🙂


    • Thanks. It would have done wonders had the characters been given their due screentime. Overall, it’s a good first attempt. I am hoping they make more movies. With time, one receives perfection too. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So basically it’s a telly film type thing that people will love for mahira only. It’s like a PR boost for soon to be SRK co-actor. Hmmmm. Good going hum tv.


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