Let’s save lives this Ramazan!

Aman Ramazan Campaign


For the very first time I visited Aman Headquarters, and I was profound to see the well-projected Idea. I had an opportunity to understand the operations and the future plans of Aman Foundation. The Ambulance Service along with the Health measures, and Sports initiatives is a great way to strengthen and support the society. We were a group of few people who got to attend live demonstration from one of the workers about the details of the Life-Saving Ambulance and its structure. We were told that a nurse with a helper is always available in  the ambulance. They are trained to tackle the situation of the patient and they  intervene in the early hours of trauma as per the situation.


Patients are given immediate support in Ambulances, after asking few questions about their condition on the Help Line numbers. There is a proper control room set-up of Aman Foundation. The control room is well planned, a focused hub of serving and saving the lives. As I see numbers of Ambulances on daily basis, I always wondered how many people are in danger of losing lives at the moment. If any of your closed ones have ever been a patient, you would know the stress and trauma that comes with it. But if you are one of the lucky ones, you would still have an idea and sympathy for these people. In such times, we all should come together and make a contribution (however, small that is) to appreciate and maintain the lifeline of such initiatives which are doing great work for our society!

PIC 2As, Aman Ambulances are costly and well maintained. They also require everyday servicing and repairing since they are made to rush to the emergency spot and sometimes require longer travelling at times. Maintenance and expenses per ambulance costs PKR 5,000. 

Our Zakat  and Sadqaat can be part of this campaign where we can help the ones helping others, risking their lives in tremor and witnessing the painful accidents.  Aman Ambulances takse less than 10 minutes to reach the help, which is monitored in 80 stations in Karachi. They are moving ahead and establishing their position in interior Sindh as well.

There are more than 500 calls that they attend everyday and assist the cases as per the requirements. They have expert help in Ambulances for the immediate attention required in cases of cardiac and maternity. They are connected from various Hospitals and emergency care units to assist the patients.

PIC 3An amount of merely $50 can save a precious life. Please Take out your Zakat this Ramzan to help the needful in the society, as I know I can’t save 1000 lives myself but together we all can. We can contribute our share of deed to save a human life, even if you can’t pay $50, come forward and contribute as low as $5. You can visit here for information regarding account details and other information regarding Donations & Zakaat. 

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Happy Reading!

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