Shan’s TVC – going viral but why? Let’s find out!

Everyone on my TL kept sharing this tvc and i was wondering what is so special about it. Why a TVC has gotten all the limelight? Why has it become talk of the town and that too, so quickly? My curiosity finally ended when i watched the video:

Needless to say, this TVC made a lot of people cry. Although I am not on the emotional side but i had so much feels *tries to cry*. Okay jokes apart, very relatable concept and brilliant execution. I am pretty sure all the people living abroad could relate to it quite well.

I remember when my Khala used to call mom and ask her exactly which Shan Biryani packet she uses to make her “most-loved Biryani on Eid” or which Chicken Masala from Shan’s range she uses to make that mouth-watering Chicken gravy!

We desis are so much into food that it gets us emotional; happy, angry, sad. You name it and we have some sort of connection with it. I loved how Shan has played that part so well. How the big brother cooked food (i toss the onions with the exact same distance – people who cannot cook could totally relate haha!), how their mom was on the other side and yet so close (thanks to technology!) and how everybody welcomed Eid so happily. Truly a #KhushiyanChakhLo moment! ūüôā


Good work, Shan. For giving a beautiful¬†message and a wonderful¬†TVC to the world of advertising. We need more of such advertising with slice of life we all could relate with. Let’s hope everybody learns a lesson or two and works on their advertising message to be more impactful and relatable!

Happy¬†Reading Eating! ūüėČ

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