Upcoming Animated Movie – 3 Bahadur & Peek Freans Gluco’s Limited Edition Packs

As the launch of Pakistan’s first animated adventure film 3 Bahadur is around the corner, Peek Freans Gluco also launches 3 Bahadur Limited Edition Packaging. The movie is directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and a joint production of SOC Films, ARY Films under the production banner Waadi Animations.


The animated movie revolved around 3 friends who are main characters and have super powers. These superheroes are highlighted on the limited edition pack of Gluco. Gluco always focused on Edutaintment (a combination of Education & Entertainment). As the movie focuses on both cognitive and physical skills, the brand image goes very well with this animated movie 3 Bahadur.


Besides the theme based packaging, the Brand has also introduced engaging activities for children through their digital platforms (Facebook, Website) which includes interactive games and different on-going competition. Along with these, Peek Freans Gluco 3 Bahadur packs will win you movie tickets and other exciting prizes. Codes are printed inside each Family pack, Half roll wrappers, Snack pack wrappers and Ticky pack wrappers. The code given inside these pack is to be sent on 8013 to participate in the lucky draw and get a chance to win movie tickets and exciting prizes.


On the launch of limited edition packs, Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Head of Marketing at EBM said, “We are excited to be a part of Pakistan’s first ever, local animated movie. The movie builds on a thought that children are superheroes each with a unique capability through which they can positively impact the society and each child has the ability to make a difference in their individual capacity. This goes along with Peek Freans Gluco’s philosophy of energizing children through nutritious brands that help them achieve their goals.”

3 Bahadur Comics

Another exciting thing about this movie is that the official song of 3 Bahadur has been sung by none other than Shiraz Uppal who gained international acclaim for his melodious tracks like ‘Tera Te Mera’ and ‘Roya Re’. Uppal’s affiliation with the movie is a value addition, given his soft vocals and charismatic personality as far as the audience of ‘3-Bahadur’ is concerned.


The official release date is 22nd May, 2015 nationwide. However, the Premiere for the movie is tonight and I am looking forward to it! 🙂

Here’s the trailer for 3 Bahadur:


Official music video of the title song 3 Bahadur:


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