Coca-Cola’s Iconic Bottle Turns 100 Years Cold!

Coke 100 Years - Image 1They say, Ps(Price, Product, Place, Promotion) play very important factor in building a brand and sustaining it for a long time. Coca-Cola is no wonder a very consistent brand in terms of building Brand Equity. A product offering is not necessarily the only important factor in building a brand. Packaging plays a very distinctive feature. It is your first touch point with the customer. Like first love, this first point of contact is very emotional for both the consumer and brand.

2015 marks the 100th year of this Iconic “Contour” bottle of Coca-Cola. The bottle was created in 1915 by The Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana after Coca-Cola released a brief to ‘design a bottle so distinctive that it could be recognized by touch alone and so unique that it could be identified when shattered on ground’.

This bottle was launched in 1916 as a six and a half ounce refillable glass is now a Brand Identity of Coca-Cola. It represents happiness, refreshment and all the good things in life! Even 100 years later, the bottle is synonym with Coke even without a logo on it. That’s how the brand is embedded in our minds and hearts. Before this beauty came into existence, a lot of different shapes have been made & used to represent Coke. Here’s a look at the timeline:


Another reason for Coca-Cola to come up with a distinctive packaging was to kill the me-toos. With recognition comes the impersonation. Keeping in mind this arising issue, Coke issued this creative challenge of coming up with a new unique design to a few US glass companies. The new bottle was then patented on November 16, 1915 and has since inspired a century’s worth of signature moments in film, social history, design and fine arts. The contour bottle was launched in Pakistan in 1953.

Coca-cola has truly become an integral part of Pop culture. From appearing in Music videos to short sightings in the Movies, from Hollywood to Lollywood, it has conquered all!


Coke has been celebrating it’s bottle’s 100th year around the globe. Even in Pakistan, a lot of branding has been done in terms of Print, Radio, TVC, OOH & Digital.

That’s all for now while I go and grab a chilled Coke! 😉

Happy Reading! 🙂

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