How FoodPanda & Unrolled 10 Incher saved the day!

images (2)imagesSo what do you do when you’re hungry like a bear and you’re as perfect a cook as myself (pun intended lol)? Well.. you call the panda. That’s right! Foodpanda came to save my day. I usually order through my mobile app (being the laziest person on this earth!). Hey don’t judge, it makes me more efficient and saves my time too. :p

Without further ado, let’s go to the part where your mouth gets watery (and mine too)!


Here comes the most awaited review of my favorite Pizza place in K-town, none other than 14th Street Pizza! Being always headfast and working on consumer insights and tweaking their strategies in a more relevant manner (too many jargons here eh), they recently launched an unrolled 10 incher pizza!

Beef Pepperoni - Unrolled 10 Incher
Beef Pepperoni – Unrolled 10 Incher

So what is it all about, you ask? As the above picture shows, too many flavors till the last bite. So I can have more of my favorite Beef Pepperoni! ^_^

If you are being more adventurous with flavors, then you can also get your #Unrolled10Incher in these 3 new flavors:


My food came in time and it was pippin’ hot. I was in such a hurry that as soon as i paid the rider, i chuked down a slice in a jiffy before i shared the rest with family! Beef Pepperoni is truly the best thing happened to pizzas. 😉


Do share your feedback if you try this new #Unrolled10Incher!

Till next time.. Ciao!

Happy Eating! 🙂

p.s. For PR/Media queries, kindly write to me at


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