Lay’s very own Joy shop – #LittleJoysOfLife!

Ever since technology, our lives have gotten so busy we barely have time to reflect on the little joys of life. Our constant reminders on the phone only include “meeting”, “pick up..”, “Shop for…”, “Dr’s appointment” etc. Boring things we do in order to survive, but what do we do to live?

There is no such reminder of the happiness little things may bring for e.g.: singing in the shower, lucky to get the last piece of cake, I don’t know I’m just thinking out loud. But I made a great discovery, there is one such reminder. Lay’s very own Joy shop!

JoyShop (1)

Lays Pakistan has launched a Facebook based app called the JoyShop where you can purchase these awesome little gifts and goodies for your friends and family that carry cute little reminders which will bring an instant smile to your face.

The artwork is catchy; the merchandise is for everyday use and makes for a perfect gift. It’s cheerful, fun and something different and doesn’t cost that much. I certainly recommend you check it out as soon as you can and maybe even spread a little joy yourself!

Carry a reminder for your little joys of life 🙂

To check out the Lays JoyShop you can head over to

Happy Reading! 😉

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