Ho Mann Jahaan – Media Meet-up with the cast & crew

IMG_20150325_203959Ho Mann Jahaan is an upcoming Pakistani movie directed by none other than Asim Raza whose name is synonymous with brilliant work for his award winning work for different brands. The movie has been shot in different parts of Islamabad and Karachi. When we asked Asim Raza about it, he mentioned that around 80% of the movie has in fact been shot in Karachi only.


The movie stars Mahira Khan, Adeel Hussain & Sheheryar Munawwar. The storyline is based mainly on three main characters – Arhaan, Manizeh and Nadir – and their friendship born out of shared experiences at the same college and their passion for music.

The Awesome Trio: Mahira Khan, Danish Taimoor & Sheheryar Munawwar

The Awesome Trio: Mahira Khan, Danish Taimoor & Sheheryar Munawwar

Arhaan is a headstrong young man from a lower middle-class family. His father a retired civil servant wants him to better his life with a degree in business administration. Nadir is a more temperate fellow, a dutiful son to upper-class parents who have great expectations from their only child, none of which involve music. Manizeh on the other hand has been brought up without blinkers in an artistic and liberal home. She is the most balanced of the three.

However, circumstances and family dynamics conspire to put many an obstacle in their path. But perseverance and a bit of luck help put them back on the right track – to musical success and lifelong friendship.

The film is a reflection of the current dichotomy that exists in our society. We talk of free will but readily accept conformity. Parents impose restrictions and dictate terms out of love for their children, which at times becomes suffocating for the children. This is a film of many layers, connecting to both, younger and older generation.

The film music has been composed by an intelligent mix of young and old of the Pakistan music industry, Such as Atif Aslam, Zeb and Haniya, Tina Sani, Abu Mohammed and Fareed Ayaz, Jimmy Khan, Asrar, Fakhir and Ehtesham Malik.

Official trailer of the movie was also launched and shared with the media. One thing this entire event left me with. Hopes of nothing but a better film industry! The content which is being produced now, the hardwork which is done behind those beautiful shots, the storylines which keeps us hooked would eventually make Pakistani Film Industry bigger and better. When asked about the title of the movie, Asim Raza said that the idea behind “Ho Mann Jahaan” was to portray the thought of “Follow your heart & you won’t get lost”. It is an affirmation that following your dreams, your aspirations is what one should do in order to be happy, to live your life to the fullest!

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 260408

Ayesha Omar was also present to support her friends.


Sheheryar Munawwar rocking this amazing blazer.

IMG_20150325_211226 IMG_20150325_214119

Mahira Khan while giving interview

Mahira Khan while giving interview

Group selfie with Sheheryar

Group selfie with Sheheryar

IMG_20150326_012229 IMG_20150326_013230 IMG_20150326_013846

Giveaways for PR/Media people

Giveaways for PR/Media people

I am very excited and looking forward to this movie. And i hope this comes out as a sweet surprise unlike Jalaibee. 😉 Keeping my fingers crossed!

Happy Reading! 😉

p.s. For PR/Media queries, kindly write to me at sadiyazhar@hotmail.com

One response to “Ho Mann Jahaan – Media Meet-up with the cast & crew

  1. Waisay… tbh, I didn’t really like the teaser…. you know… how the first promo is generally supposed to give you a good idea of what the film is about, the only thing I saw was a couple kids throwing water at one another and jumping around while singing….. :/
    the only hope that’s left seems to be Asim Raza, he’s an excellent ad film maker… and that’s what im counting on


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