Brunch & Learn with #TGIF on Women’s Day!

PrintTGIF hosted a Brunch & Learn session on Women’s Day, in partnership with WomenX (A project of the World Bank). The focus of the discussion will be to understand the challenges that women face in the workplaces, and to brainstorm ideas to create a safer and a more women-centric environment.

Women from different sectors of the Industry were present.Print The topics under discussion included Women Empowerment and Education. Both men and women came forward to participate and discussed how women could be given equal opportunities at work, how the work environment could be more acceptable to women, how the glass ceiling should be removed, how much contribution they could make towards a prosperous future of our county.

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The networking event also allowed potential employers to learn from the experience of Business
owners who work with women. A lot of women employees also came forward and shared their first hand experiences at work place which resulted in a good healthy debate. Needless to say, it was wonderful to see how men also actively participated and joined hands to prove that they stand together in this cause.


One thing I truly believe when it comes to Women Empowerment and Feminism and all that jazz. Men should be treated equally and at par. Both men and women should be given equal opportunity based solely on Merit rather than on their looks and gender. I am sure a lot people might disagree with what I think but let’s not forget the job offers we often come across “Good looking female candidates should apply only”.

Anyways, the day and discussion ended with a good brunch. It was lovely meeting Erum & Murtaza.

IMG_20150308_133346 20150308_125712

Blurred selfie w/ Murtaza & Erum

Blurred selfie w/ Murtaza & Erum


Taking the opportunity at hand, #TGIF decided to do a taste test as well. We were shared two new items which were not in the Menu. Find the review and pictures below:

Food Review


Name: Combo Fajitas

Description: Beef, Chicken, Veggies, Spicy Rice served in an overpowering marination of lemon & herbs.

My Verdict: Taste was too bland. I could do with some more sauces. It didn’t hit the right note. Although, the meat was well done.

Rating: 2.5/5

Southwest Burger

Southwest Burger

Name: Southwest Burger

Description: Beef, Onion, Tomatoes, Pickles, Mayo, Southwest and some secret sauce.

My Verdict: Served with a huge size of Beef patty alongside french fries, this tasted too good. I loved the combination of sauces used. Very well done!

Rating: 4.5/5


I really hope they do add the delicious Southwest burger in their menu. Overwell, the #BrunchnLearn was a fun idea to go with. Too much discussion left us more hungry and the food totally served its purpose! I appreciate Women Inc. and TGIF for taking this initiative. 🙂

Happy Reading Eating! 😉

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