Movie Review: A not so twisted JALAIBEE!

Yet another Pakistani Production “Jalaibee”, Directed & Written by Yasir Jaswal, is all set to hit the cinemas from 20th March, 2015.


Jalaibee’s Red Carpet and first ever Movie Screening happened Wednesday night. The movie which was due for 8:30 pm started at 9:30 pm, keeping with the trend of being “fashionably late“.



Upon arrival at the Nueplex, a bright yellow Ford Mustang 73 was awaiting us at the entrance. A picture alongside the beauty was a must!


When headed upstairs, some more movie posters and life sized pictures were spotted. As i entered the area, it was already jam packed with people from different areas of life. Many celebrities (and not-so-celebs!) were spotted including the likes of Designers, Fashionistas, Actors, Actresses, Sponsors of the movie et al. I happened to capture a few good moments along with dozen of selfies with my favorite celebs.

20150318_201719 20150318_201727 20150318_200248 20150318_201650 20150318_204126 20150318_203927 20150318_201944 20150318_204739 20150318_205558

So, let’s get back to the movie details. The media was ushered in Hall 4 like a step child while the celebs and guests were seated in Hall 3. As i stated earlier, movie started even more than an hour late. The free Popcorns and Drink were almost finished by the time it started.

20150318_210611 20150318_210908

Trying to add as less spoilers as possible, I can surely say the plot was acting like Amir Khan in all the award shows (Missing in person!). Ali Safina and Danish Taimoor were the lead with Ali as Bugga and Danish as Billu. Ali’s acting was somewhat on the good and need-some-more-improvement side while Danish was totally over-acting. Danish’s expression in the entire movie is depicted in the picture below:


Zhalay Sarhadi’s dance number could have been good if the camera was more focused on her rather than acting up like there were some earthquake jolts during the movie. Ms. Sarhadi should be working on those acting skills as well. Too bad for an actor. Although, she added a good eye-candy to the movie for them boys!

Moving on to Adnan Jaffer (Dara), the villain of the movie, I can totally bet nobody in the movie acted better than him. I personally liked his dressing as well.

Wiqar Ali Khan was an eye-candy for all the ladies. And that’s all he was. With hardly one or two dialogues in Urdu in a Pakistani flick, all his dialogue delivery was in English. And the funny part is, in a scene with Zhalay Sarhadi (Bunno), he delivered all the dialogues in English while the lady kept replying in Urdu (Soch hai aapki!). I get it that he’s bad at Urdu and all, but a little more practice with the dialogues and a little less hurry to get the movie out there would have surely helped.

Sabeeka Imam (Eman) looked graceful. Good acting (well almost..) but a lot of unnecessary pouting. Uzair Jaswal, sadly, doesn’t have a big role to play in the movie.

Yasir must have taken some inspiration from Raja Natwarlaal (the Indian flick featuring Emraan Hashmi) because some of the scenes of the movie actually looked like regional adaptation (all the Marketing gurus would get this!). There was no harmony in the scenes. It was like a patchwork which is so not in fashion anymore. There were long awkward silences during the dialogues. Too long a break! Also, Umair Jaswal’s Jee Raha Hun was played at the end of the movie while credits were shared. I personally think if they had played it earlier, half of the audience who left might have stayed back.

Nevertheless, It is good to see Pakistani Film Industry emerging once again but I really hope we have more better work in future with stronger plots to keep the audience hooked (Plus we got hot jailaibees ’cause you know, JALAIBEE!).


Ratings: 2.5/5

More cool selfies and pictures from the event:

FB_IMG_1426749023496 IMG-20150319-WA0001 IMG-20150319-WA0002 IMG-20150319-WA0004 IMG-20150319-WA0005 IMG-20150319-WA0008 IMG-20150319-WA0009 IMG-20150319-WA0010 IMG-20150319-WA0016 IMG-20150319-WA0017

Keep checking this space for more happenings in Karachi. Bye bye till next time!


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