#SayNoToWaterDamage because #NewPantene is here!

Pantene Bloggers Meet-up

#NewPantene now repairs & protects our hair against Water Damage!


Pantene Pro-V recently launched a #NewPantene formula which now protects our hair against water damage. This formula has been formed especially for us DESIs who face so much pollution, dirt on daily basis. You’re either a student or a working professional women, you have to wash your hair daily if you are living in Pakistan especially in metros!

 IMG_20150303_161816 IMG_20150303_161732

The event started with the PR conference with Nina Lotia & Aamina Sheikh on the floor discussing benefits of this #NewPantene. Sharing her thoughts at the occasion, Nina Lotia said, “So many clients tell me that they think tap water is harsh on their hair. Having gone through an educational visit at the Pantene lab in Singapore, I now understand what is causing the damage and how the new Pantene can prevent it. The study proves that during the first wash, Pantene’s shampoos with EDDS begin working to address hair’s copper levels while revealing the natural beauty of each fiber.”

Aamina Sheikh, the Pantene beauty ambassador said, “The new Pantene with Damage Blockers gives me the most beautiful, HEALTHY hair I’ve always wanted. As an actress and model, looking good is an essential part of my job, and as a woman, my hair is my crowning glory. I travel a lot for work and vacation purposes, experiencing different kind of water across Pakistan and the world. For many years, this was a cause for concern because my hair would not react suitably to tap water. It would feel dry and I would experience hair fall. I’ve gone to the extent of rinsing my hair with bottled water just to maintain its health and shine. When I discovered the new Pantene, I tried the shampoo and conditioner for myself. Now, I’m so convinced by the results, I can achieve a flowing beautiful style even if I wash my hair every day – tap water no longer stands in the way!”

Later, the floor was opened to questions and some discussions took place amongst the audience and the gorgeous ladies. This session was followed by Networking session and Lunch. (Forty4 restaurant has some amazing Prawn Spaghettis i swear!)

Bloggers, PR/Media people and some guests made the crowd for the event. It was lovely meeting Eisha, UmairWahaj, FatimaAdeeqa, Bushra, TU Dawood, Ab Lakhani & the team.


Selfie w/ Umair Mirza


Selfie w/ Aamina Sheikh, Adeeqa & Fatima


Selfie w/ Tara Uzra Dawood


L to R: Eisha, Adeeqa, Fatima, Sadiya (Me), Bushra

FB_IMG_1425588549469 FB_IMG_1425588563453

Here are some more pictures from the event:

FB_IMG_1425588738994 FB_IMG_1425588671992


We were also handed out these cute Pantene giveaways for trying out the #NewPantene ourselves. Needless to say, It is time to #SayNoToWaterDamage!


(Thanks to Movie Shoovy for the pictures & Xenith PR for the invite.)

Happy Reading, people.

For PR/Media queries, kindly write to me at sadiyazhar@hotmail.com


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