Butter Puff Veggie Crackers – BTL Spotted!

EBM’s Peak freans relaunched Butter Puff with a new packaging around 3 months ago. Along with the original crackers, a new flavor was introduced. Since then, they have been marketing for both the flavors on different mediums like Print, OOH, Radio & Digital.


Quite recently, I came across their BTL activity which was going on at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road, Karachi. It was focused on their new flavor Veggie Crackers.

20150227_211533 20150227_211544 20150227_211602 20150227_211612 20150227_211647

Crackers were being served with different servings. All of them tasted so yum that i took another bite from my brother’s!

The flavors were:

1) Veggie & Sour Cream

2) Chicken & Cheese

3) Tuna & Sweet Corn

4) Egg & Cheese

All of these looks so pretty and tasted so good!


Needless to say, I grabbed some veggie crackers on my way back home to make some delicious creations. (Did i mention the taste is pretty good on its own and goes well with a cup of Chaye? OH YES.)

These delicious crackers make great additions to our usual Chaye time or to serve those uninvited guests popping up at odd hours. I’ve also stocked up some for such emergencies (including random hunger pangs!) #FoodiesForLife. ^_^


Happy Munching oh i mean, Happy Reading, people. 😉

For PR/Media queries, kindly write to me at sadiyazhar@hotmail.com


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