EatOye & the 2 Crore Week!

It was a Saturday when all the PR/Media advocated and bloggers were invited to EatOye meet up. The agenda of the day was to discuss recent Highlights of the brand.


So the meet up started with a brilliant performance by LOLWalay. This was my first time attending any of their shows and I am so glad I got to attend it. This group of 4 is as witty as it gets. Crisp delivery of dialogues and smooth acting skills which ended up giving us doses of laughter.



After this much needed laughter therapy session, came the EatOye duo; Rai & Noman! We were taken through EatOye’s journey from the start. Did you guys know it was FCPK (Food Connection Pakistan) previously? Yeah. This came as a surprise for some people. We were shared how EatOye as a startup have achieved so much in such a short span of time. And this recent acquisition by Foodpanda is going to make the E-commerce bigger and better in Pakistan.


Further moving on with the presentation, we also got to know that Urbanite has now been acquired by EatOye. This digital landscape in Pakistan and Ecommerce is just getting bigger and better. Out of 90% of total online food orders in Pakistan are now collectively enjoyed by foodpanda and EatOye. While making this revelation, the duo also added that 70% of EatOye’s orders are directly received on handheld devices and not so any server to increase efficiency and increase timeliness.

PR/Media people at the event.
PR/Media people at the event.
PR/Media people at the event.
PR/Media people at the event.
EatOye's Brand Manager Natasha with TU Dawood
EatOye’s Brand Manager Natasha with TU Dawood

Presentation was closed with the announcement of “2 Crore Week” which is currently being celebrated by EatOye. A total of 2 crore has been up for discount at EatOye from 23rd to 28th Februrary 2015. (FYI, Some restaurants have extended the date to March 1st, 2015. You can check the list here.)


The session was ended with some good refreshments served by Pane&Amore, Broadway Pizza and Hoagies. 

E10 e11 E9

And any event is not complete these days without a selfie. So here’s one with Zain & Wahaj. 🙂


Until next time.. Ciao! 🙂

Happy Reading, people.

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