Lays Pakistan & Pakistan Cricket Diaries!

One thing which makes digital stand out is the power it gives to Brands for communicating with its customers. Gone are the days, when we would spot a nice OOH or watch a meaningful TVC with a catchy jingle and forget it. Now, when people come across Branding activities (whether on ATL or BTL), they capture the moments (using their oh-so-handy-smartphones) and share across different digital platforms. This further fires up conversations. Conversations are what as a brand you should want. Do you want to brand advocates? Do you want your consumers to be Brand Loyal? Well, in this Digital Era Engagement is the key!

Social media is all about the audience, all about engaging them. You hit the bull’s eye when your content is relevant to your Target Audience. Once you hit the right note, you have higher chances of having more returning customers due to that emotional bond you just created.

As the love for Cricket fueled up because of #CWC15, Lays Pakistan remain steadfast in bringing not just another #ShareandWin competition but something way better. Reminiscing over your childhood memories in the Cricket season? Those quarrels over “Who would bat first?” or “It was not a wide.”


Well.. Lays Pakistan surely knew how to connect well with the audience. Using #PakistanDiaries & #CrossAllBoundaries, Lays Pakistan was quite successful in pulling off a very lively online engagement campaign.

People shared their stories, their love for cricket, the reasons they have been so attached to Cricket, how they like to munch on Lays while watching cricket and so on..
The way stories and hashtag trended shows that social media in Pakistan is definitely going somewhere and Lays Pakistan just played the right card at the right time!

Credits: Lays Pakistan Facebook Page

Credits: Lays Pakistan Facebook Page

If you would also like to share your memorable Cricket story, you can check out their Twitter or Facebook page. 🙂

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