And here I am attending my first ever DHARNA!

Yes, you heard it. Never have I participated in a Dharna before. And how could I skip now when the script was written by the one and only Anwar Maqsood sahab? (Directed by Dawar & Yasir just so you know.)

After much chaos, dramas and multiple episodes of dharnas, this one was a must attend. Sponsored by Jubilee Life Insurance, the day was full of laughter.


At first, I had it all planned well. I thought to myself, I would leave office at 6pm sharp and make it right before the gate opens to avoid the hassle. Oh well. Do things ever happen as we plan them? Ha! So I obviously had to stay back for an extra hour to get the things done (not by will, but by boss’s command lol). Anyways, I made it on time nevertheless.


Although, the the show started a little late (as some VIP guest was supposed to come and didn’t show up at the eleventh hour – out of embarrassment of being late or out of busy schedule – I am guessing the latter!).

Anyways, the show finally started and i loved the stage setting. It was a set up of a talk show and as depicted by the title of this play, the script worked around PTI, PMLN, MQM, JUI and PPP. It was a hilarious depiction of Pakistani Politics in the last few months.

10961985_10155233370755215_1701863550_n 10965303_10155233370715215_1155594242_n 10965417_10155233370545215_1445643306_n

The show is still running till 18th Feb. You better not miss out and grab the last tickets for it’s totally worth it! Click here for more details regarding the shows and tickets.

After my first Dharna experience, I can surely say it out loud – Dharnas can be fun too y’know! 😉

Until next time.. Ciao.

Happy Reading! 

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