FireHouse – Another food place in K-town!

FireHouse opened it’s house to public on January 2nd, 2015. It is located in the 6th street of Badar Commercial, DHA, Phase V, Karachi. Since it was a plus one invite, I went there along with 2 of my friends.



Once we entered the place, the color theme came as a surprise for us. I completely loved the black sleek look which gave out a message of luxury, with a hint of golden yellow to give it a fiery contrast!



While we were waiting for the place to fill in, we decided to check out items on the Menu. In the meanwhile, Amir Qadir (the owner of Firehouse) came to our table and we had a discussion about the idea behind FireHouse. When I asked about FireHouse’s USP, he said, “I wanted to come up with a fine dining place which is low on pockets and the food quality is at par with luxurious restaurants. It is basically not targeted to a particular niche, but to masses!”. There was also a photobooth stand for pictures. After some discussion, we headed there for our photo session.

Selfie from another lens!

Selfie from another lens!

After the photo session, we settled down and gave our orders. The food Menu was pre-selected for Bloggers & guests but we had a choice to choose from Steaks and Burgers. I ordered Santa Fe Chicken Steak for myself while my friends ordered Beef Mexican Steak and Legendary Double Door Burger.

Here are the food pictures and individual review:


Appetizer: Peri Bites – Rating 3/5

Presentation wise, it was good. I love the sauce but the chicken quantity should be increased.


Main Course: Santa Fe Chicken – Rating 4/5

I like the presentation but the sides were too heavy to even finish. I think the Chicken portion was huge so people with good appetite would be happy!

They should remove the mashed Spinach. And the french fries are supposed to be served plain with Steaks. The mushroom sauce tasted otherwise fine with a well-cooked chicken. *burp*


Main Course: Mexican Beef Steak – Rating 3.5/5

I totally loved it’s presentation. Even though it was my friend’s order, I had a bite or two. I am not a beef person but the sauce was different. It was a little on the spicy side as the name suggests. Mashed potatoes also complimented the dish.


Main Course: Legendary Double Door Burger

 Rating 4/5

As the name suggests, it was Legendary; both look-wise and taste-wise. Good combo with fries and the chicken was very well done. A must try!

The place had a good feel. I love the ambiance but I think there is room for improvement in their food. Burgers, no doubt tasted good but the Steaks are missing that x-factor!

Overall ratings are:

Food 3/5

Music: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Service 4/5

If you happen to visit the place, do share your reviews.

Feel free to drop a feedback. 🙂

Happy Eating!

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