Bloggers Meetup – Rejuvenating With Dayfresh

It was on Wednesday, December 3rd 2014 when the Dayfresh kept an exclusive product briefing and food tasting session for the bloggers at DAAS Headquarters. The COO of Dayfresh, Ali Raza and Manager Operations Ghulam Hussain briefed us about the Dayfresh milk category products. It was indeed an informative session to know about different types of packed milk.

As a result of the session, we got to know that people at Dairyland (Pvt) Limited takes pride in their milk product offerings as all their milk products are hormonal injection free. Dayfresh, a sub-brand of Dairyland Pakistan, also creates all its dairy products by using the milk of more than 3000 imported Australian cows. Another thing to notice is that the production of milk is done under the supervision of experienced professionals at their huge modernized farm.

We were also informed that Dayfresh has currently 6 outlets in Karachi. They also deliver at your doorstep (111DFRESH for more information). Mr Ali Raza also shared that a lot of restaurants and cafes in Karachi use Dayfresh Milk. Upon further questioning, a lot of unanswered queries and confusions were cleared. I, for one, am thankful for the session. I did not know that Skimmed Milk has actually high quantity of Calcium! So glad I already shifted to Skimmed Milk (thanks to my Clean Eating routine).

One thing which made me try Dayfresh is their claim which is depicted in their tagline too “Pure by Name, Pure by Nature”. This was further clarified and supported by the discussion we had with Mr. Ali Raza and Mr. Ghulam Hussain.

After the briefing session, we were presented with a delicious array of snacks created by using Dayfresh Products and were served with the mouthwatering Dayfresh Flavored Milk – in three flavors, Zafrani & Pistachio, Chocolate and Strawberry – Zeera Raita and Low-fat Yogurt. IMG_7932 IMG_7998 IMG_8002

My personal favorite was Cold Coffee made by Dayfresh Milk.


Oreo Shakes & Cold Coffee

Taste review for their flavored milk (which btw comes in such a cute easy to handle small bottle):

  • Chocolate Flavored Milk 5/5 – (Tasted just perfect. If you are a chocolate fan like me, this bottle size wouldn’t hurt as the calorie count is not too much either!)
  • Strawberry Flavored Milk 3.5/5 – (Tasted a little like Rose Flavored. I am not a Strawberry fan but the taste was good.)
  • Zafrani & Pistachio  Flavored Milk 4/5 – (This tasted really good. Very different and new. Must try!)
New Flavored Milk Bottles

New Flavored Milk Bottles

The day ended with a photo session at Dayfresh Photobooth with themed props while the bloggers also tweeted and shared live updates by using the official hashtag #RejuvenateWithDayfresh.


Selfie with the host Adeeqa

Selfie with the host Adeeqa

IMG_7975 IMG_8069 IMG_8070 IMG_8071

If you happen to try their products, then do share your feedback. If you are looking forward to try them for the first time like I did some days ago, then I’d personally recommend Dayfresh Premium whole fresh milk (which has only 3.5% of fat) and their Chocolate Flavored Milk (seriously yum)!

Check their pages for more details: Facebook, Twitter.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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