LamudiPK’s Media Meet up!

Hello everyone!

There’s so much happening recently that I’ve been missing in action (well.. on the blog only!) so I decided to finally update with you with some fun happenings in K-Town.

It was Wednesday, 15th October, 2014 when the Lamudi Pk’s Media meet took place. A lot of journalists and PR people showed up.

Mr. Saad Arshed, Country Director along with his team celebrated the one year anniversary of as well as the launch of’s new and exclusive magazine Property Now.

LamudiPk’s Team with Mr. Saad Arshed, Country Director

It was great to know that the website has now 130,000+ listings from Estate agents and individuals. During the question answer session, I asked the country head some questions. I was keen to know how did they get one of the key players (Real Estate Agents) involved as the Target group is mostly not so literate and they prefer traditional marketing most of the times. On which Mr. Saad assured me that firstly, convincing them takes time but with some determination and awareness, once the account managers are successful in doing that, furthermore they try to give value added services. These services include a team supervising the Real Estate agent from content creation (Relevant information including the pictures of the property) to content management. 


During the briefing, Mr Saad also shared the differentiating point (Or Point of Difference) of Lamudi PK is it’s quality work and team assistance throughout the entire process. Along with the above mentioned things, Lamudi’s team keep a tab on the entire content which goes up the website to make sure no irrelevant data is encountered by the customers.

Another thing, which i personally noticed was the website which is easy and user friendly, once you customize your preferences and search for the relevant property, the results let you know if the listed property is rented or sold which makes it more efficient and saves up our time!

While I am still left to check out the Magazine properly, I skimmed through it and found out that it has different property insights, some local guides along with a market report specially prepared by Lamudi Pk’s business intelligence team.


LamudiPk’s Magazine “Property Now”

Remember I said how real estate agents tend to be more open for traditional marketing? Yes. Lamudi Pk’s team was quick enough to gauge that leverage and supported by a Market Research which eventually lead up to this Magazine. The venture is currently operating in 28 global location. But the Magazine launch is one of it’s kind in any country. It would not be wrong if i say Lamudi is surely providing a Glocalized solution to our market.

Let’s hope they spread more awareness and conduct workshops for real estate agents from different areas of the city to make this aspect more educated and efficient for all of us!

The event was held at Mövenpick Hotel and concluded with a hi-tea session and some networking.

Giveaways for Media/PR people

Giveaways for Media/PR people

Feel free to drop a feedback.

Happy Reading! 🙂

p.s. For PR/Media queries, write me at


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