A perfect evening with Tapal Green Tea New Packaging Launch & Zoe’s Dareeche.

It was September 9th, 2014 when Zoe Viccaji’s new album “Dareeche” was due for release at Southend Club, Karachi. This was not just an ordinary launch as Tapal Green Tea also launched it’s new packaging. The pack is revamped brilliantly with soothing colors and minimalist design.

Picture Credits: Digital Tribe

Picture Credits: Digital Tribe

The launch was pretty much fun. Celebrities were also spotted at the event, along with lots of people from Media & PR Industry. As if this was not enough of a healthy boost, Zoe’s lovely calm performance  added to it. It was a perfect fit for the relaunch of the pack!

Picture Credits: Digital Tribe

Picture Credits: Digital Tribe


The unique flavors of Tapal healthy green tea blended with soothing decor and Zoe’s lovely voice. Perfect combo for the evening!

To entertain the guests, some props for photography session was held. Refreshment was also served along with the must-have Tapal Green Tea! Moreover, there was also a “fan wall” for everybody to express their love and thoughts for Tapal Green Tea or/and Zoe’s voice. 🙂


Picture Credits: Digital Tribe

I have always been a fan of Tapal Green Tea. It’s like family’s favorite since ages. At their relaunch, apart from the usual flavors like Lemon, Elaichi & Jasmine – a new flavor Moroccan Mint  was also introduced. But here comes the best part, they also launched a new Selection Pack. 


For people who would like to try it all and then choose their favorites or the ones (like me) who like to go all random, this is the best solution. You get all the flavors in one pack. Different flavors, everytime!

Apart from the reason that I should shed some extra pounds (lol) and the fact that green tea leads to a healthy life along with exercise, the flavors are truly irresistible. If you’ve cut down your caffeine intake and not so much of a tea/coffee person, you might want to give it a try!

And for the usual tea lovers, they know how a green tea gives you boost during a busy day! 😉


My personal favorites are Elaichi & Moroccan Mint. What about you? 🙂

Drop a feedback in the comment below.

Happy Reading! 🙂


2 responses to “A perfect evening with Tapal Green Tea New Packaging Launch & Zoe’s Dareeche.

  1. Hi!!!!! Please help. I am searching for Tapal Green Tea Jasmine that looks exactly like the first, left most box in the picture that shows all four flavors, but I cannot find it anywhere online. I want to buy several more packs, but I only found a much different packaging on Amazon. Please message me back if you know where I can buy the one I am searching for.

    From another tea lover to another


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